Top 5 Ways To Get A Firmer, Younger Looking Skin


Although most people are concerned with their facial appearance, they don’t know the appropriate measures to take in ensuring they protect their skin from premature aging. Preventing your skin from premature aging keep’s your skin in a young and good condition. Most people are only concerned about their external health and forget about their internal health. You should observe what you eat because your internal health equally affects your skin’s condition just like your external health. There are various skin deteriorating agents such as skin irritations, aging and ailments. But application of some beauty and cosmetic products such the ones used for longer and thicker eyelash can also affect your skin’s health. Although there are many factors that lead to facial wrinkles and breakouts, stress is the major facilitator of aging. There are several ways to deal with wrinkles and breakouts that range from natural ways to the use of medical supplements.

Quality and adequate sleep

Due to the global advancement, most people are engaged in many stress related activities and often end up interrupting the quality of their sleep. Most people find it difficult to sleep normally because of their routine stressful lifestyle. Having inadequate and low quality sleep is not only harmful to your skin but your overall health and wellbeing. The skin is very vulnerable to lack of adequate and quality sleep because it the outermost part of your body. Sleep is perceived as a natural therapy to most of your physical complications; therefore, lack of quality and adequate sleep causes a great imbalance in your body thus affecting your skin negatively. Lack of adequate sleep can lead to an inflamed, dull and sensitive skin and facial wrinkles thus it very important to ensure you enjoy a quality sleep. In addition, quality sleep serves as one of the best skin brighteners.

Quality free time

To prevent your skin from wrinkling naturally, you have to engage in some lifestyle changes. Having quality free time is one of the best and natural ways to deal with wrinkles and breakouts by having a better quality life. Getting involved in intense activities on a daily basis can exhaust you both mentally and physically. Exhausting yourself both mentally and physically is not only harmful to your skin but your overall immune system. For a better skin, you should demand for free time and set some limits. Free time gives you a chance to take care of your needs and desires. Therefore, during your free time you have adequate time to address the needs of your skin and give it a boost from inside.


Oils are very important for your skin to remain moisturized and elastic all through. Some people are born with the ability to produce vast natural oils whereas others produce little or no natural oils to take care of their skin. For such people, it is important to use oils such as olive oil that are rich in antioxidants that help in preventing the formation of skin deteriorating factors such as free radicals. Ensure you massage your body with these oils on daily basis because they contain emollient and acts as skin-softening moisturizers to help reduce wrinkles that have already formed on your skin.

Super foods

You should keep in mind that you skin is composed of body cells just like any other part of your body. Body cells are composed of proteins, fats and water. Therefore, it is very important to eat a balanced diet that consists of three components that make up the cells to ensure your skin is well nourished and it’s in a good condition. You should eat foods rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and C to improve your skin’s resistance from harmful UV-rays from direct sunlight exposure.

Banana mask

Most people believe that banana is only important to the body when taken as food or a fruit. On the contrary, a body cream made from banana and orange juice is very important for your skin because it contains vitamin A, potassium and Vitamin B. These components are very important for your skin’s health because they help in fading dark spots and blemishes, hydrate and moisturize skin cells and prevent premature aging.

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Before choosing which product to use for your skin for toning and preventing it from premature aging, breakouts and wrinkles, keep in mind that whatever is good for your overall health and wellbeing is also good for your skin. With that in mind, maintaining and achieving a healthy skin protected from premature aging, wrinkles and breakouts is successful. Depending on the severity of your skin’s condition, you can use medical supplements such as murad resurgence to improve the quality of your skin.

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