Regulate Room Airflow And Temperature With Laboratory Air Flow Control Systems

Proper airflow distribution in health care facilities is one of the most vital things to look out for as it ensures a cleaner, healthier air for both employees and patients in the facility. It ensures a comfortable and energy efficient work environment for employees. Before purchasing laboratory air flow control systems, there is need to design and test the air distribution and this is a great function of architects, engineers and facility commission agents.

For laboratories that want to reduce electric bills and improve indoor air quality, laboratory air flow control systems from Phoenix Control is the best for you. Working within such an environment improves workers productivity and prevents the spread of airborne pathogens.

The Air Flow Control System

The most common place to find research scientists working round the clock is at the laboratories. Their researches may be based on finding long lasting solutions to cancer disease. It may even be on the latest drugs that will probably treat air borne disease. Laboratories are an essential part of the health facility as they carry out special research specifically designed to improve the life of everyone. However, one of the major aspects of the laboratory that is not given much attention is the quality of air. Healthcare facilities especially research centres and medical laboratories can be very hazardous considering the harmful states of their research works on the environment.

Regulate the room’s temperature and improve the air quality within the facility is very important, hence the need for laboratory air control systems. This control system consists of air flow valves and a central control system which helps improve the air quality. For adequate security measures, the laboratory should be constructed to be air tight. For an air flow control systems to be highly effective, there is need to have strict control of air flowing in and out of the laboratory.

Benefits of Controlled Air Flow Systems

In a bid to maintain precise airflow and regulate temperature, most healthcare facilities opt for controlled airflow systems. This system is also very effective when it comes to healthcare space control such as isolated chambers, operating rooms and patients room. Treating contagious or rare diseases is one of the major problems facing hospitals and other medical care facilities. A lot of these buildings do not provide space for patients with highly infectious diseases. In a bid to contain such a case, entry is restricted to some sections of the hospitals and quarantine affected patients. To keep staffs and other patients at the health care facility safe, the laboratory air flow control system will contain the disease thus preventing it from spreading to other areas within the facility.

It easily recognizes a change in the air quality which lab technicians will be unable to detect. The system can be programmed to alert technicians in the lab should there be any alterations in the air quality, which proves to be harmful to health.

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