The WRX – For The Sedan Lovers Out There

For those who are looking at sedans, often the biggest problem is looking for the right one.  Typically, many think that all sedans are made boring, but often the efficiency of it is compromised for the aesthetics of it.  But what if you had a sedan that worked for you, one that made your driving experience even better?  Well, the 2016 Subaru WRX is the newest forerunner in sedans, and it blows away the competition through the performance and abilities alone. 

Race Credentials for Days

You might not believe that this car has the credentials that it should, but there is a reason why. This car is a performance car, meaning it was built for efficiency and power, but instead of it being large and clunky, it is has a stylish outer façade.  Although, don’t let the pretty face fool you because the car still manages to push forward and give a powerful message.  The features alone are enough to evoke fear into one’s eyes, and in truth, it can be the car that can change your life.

This car comes with a beautiful interior that says it all.  It has a driver-focused cockpit area, which includes many features that will help with the comfort, including the eyesight system, the ability to change things at the push of a button, and even ample room and ability to change adjustments on everything as needed. 

The WRX - For The Sedan Lovers Out There

Engine Power

Don’t let the outer surface be the only selling point.  Look under the hood and you’ll see a whole slew of other features that can add to the drive and make it even more comfortable for you as well.  This car comes with a slew of legendary features that can change the way the car feels.  There is the Subaru Boxer engine, which is a small but very powerful engine, which puts out quite a punch, and along with that is the full-time AWD ability.  These two abilities allow you to go fast, put out more power than before, but allows you to do so in all conditions, and the AWD feature allows you to go out in the worst of conditions and drive with ease.

This car is potent, meaning it will pack a wallop from the moment you put yourself in there, and combining that with the technologies added to this, you’ll be driving a car that has a sharp handling and control that is unlike anything you’ve felt before.

If you want a car that gives you room, allows you space to put luggage away, but drives like a charm, this is the car for you.  It comes with a great handling system, meaning you’ll be able to drive with pure control when you do so, and from there, you’ll start to see the difference in your driving abilities, the difference in performance, and the difference in how the Subaru WRX compares to other cars in the future.    

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