Creative Ideas To Reuse Leftover Cake

Cake is the first dessert served in all occasions. But it becomes daunting task when you have leftover cake in party. Obviously you will not throw it in dustbin because it’s precious and costly. Think about it and reuse the cake with our top most innovative idea.

Creative Ideas To Reuse Leftover Cake

You can reuse the cake as well as get the extra fun of getting other delicious dessert. We have simple and very useful recipe of making delectable recipes using leftover slices of cakes. Please have a look.

Cake Pop

Sometimes leftover cake loses its moisture and dried out. But you can feel the difference via making more delicious dessert of cake pop from it. You will again get moist and juicy cake by mixing leftover cake with butter crème or crème cheese. Mix it well and make a pop for the best use. If you want to be more creative you can also press some multicolor sprinkles over it for extra special look of cake pop. Surely this idea will really work for the better use of left cake.

Cake Spackle

Make a cake spackle using the technique of the making spackle from the direction of The Well-Decorated Cake book. Here you can use the same moisture of cheese crème for making smooth crumb and use it for filling the gap or hole of the cake. You can refrigerate this cake for one week.  Want to throw a small party? Decorate it with whipped crème and multicolor toppings. Your cake is ready to reuse.

Creative Ideas To Reuse Leftover Cake
Fruit Trifle

Crumble the leftover cake, you can make round or square small pieces of it and mix it in to the fruit custard dessert. It will give the touch of brownie melting with fruits. You can top with various ideas like fruity jelly beans, cherries or with whipped crème too.

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Make a Toasted Crumb Crust

You can use cake crumb crust for crunchy filling inside any dessert. Making crumb crust is very easy and time saving method. Just take a baking pan crumble the cake, dried it out in the oven for 250F degree for few minutes. Your cake crumbles will get a crisp layer soon. Now take it out in the mixture bowl and turn it out in the small particles form. Your crumb crust is ready to use in any type of sweet dish.

Make a Surprise inside Cake or Cupcake

Creative Ideas To Reuse Leftover Cake

Yes it looks beautiful and very surprising treat for using leftover cake and welcoming guest with the same cake. You can use cookie cutter for making small cup cakes. Choose the design and shape you were desired for. Now the time is to deck it inside the cake or cup cake. You can deck the left over cake in the theme of the decorated cup cake or cake.

Make Petit Fours

You will get lots of ideas for making petit fours from the used cake. Refrigerate the cake for some time, now prepare white color fondant icing and cover the whole cake using this. You can use cookie cutter for the perfect shape and cover it with white fondant icing with meaningful decoration.

Make Leftover Cake Bread Pudding

This is the best and very simple idea of making sweet dessert for the next day dinner. You can invite any pudding to mix the leftover cake crumbs inside. Crumble or make small pieces of cakes and pour it into the any fruit custard or dried fruit custard.

Make Cake Samples

Creative Ideas To Reuse Leftover Cake

Frost a cubed cake and top it with dollops and add a toothpick on the top for serving a special starter in the kitty party or office party. You will definitely get more idea of it by searching other useful ideas of making cake samples.

Here we have displayed very interesting recipe of how you can reuse the left over cake slices. If you are willing to get the cake delivery online you will get it from here only. We have all kinds of scrumptious cakes available in every flavor and size you want. You can take any recipe and make an interesting recipe experiencing it. Hope you like this article and immediately follow the guidelines we have followed here.

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