In Goa? Keep In Mind These Must Not Things To Do Here

The little state of Goa has stood the test of times and till date, continues to be as heart wooing as it was before. This beautiful state has strived to attract the bachelors of India, who come here with brimming hopes to enthrall their hearts out, in this place. This vacation, if you too are thinking of sojourning in Goa, then this article will try to be your helping hand.

First things first. Let us discuss how you can reach Goa. well, you have a plenty of options for the same. If you are planning for a train journey, then the two main railway stations in this place are Vasco and Margao. If you are travelling from Bangalore, then you can opt for a Bangalore to Goa train, and likewise commute from other major cities of India via train. The Dabolim Airport is just 29 km from the main city of Goa, Panjim. Everyday, a myriad of flights run to and fro the state, from all cities of India. Choose the best fit option for you. You can even opt for a bus ride or car, if you are reaching here from nearby. A car ride has its own perks, since you get to explore the urban life on the outskirts of the state, and gel well with the place and its culture.

A plethora of sites and articles will enlighten you with what to do, while you are in Goa, but this article will tell you, what not to do here. Check this out.

Forget the Clubs, And Embrace the Open Aura

We all know Goa is all about clubs and rave parties, which rule the nights of Goa. But, this has been too mainstream now. This time, try the open air beach parties in Goa. A number of beaches in Goa host open air parties, where there is loud, feet-tapping music where the crowd goes crazy, shaking legs with their friends, going high, gulping bottles of alcohol, and hooting their throats out!

Ditch the Beach Shacks, and Go for the Spice Plantations

The land of Goa is dotted with a plethora of shacks and kiosks on the beaches, and other popular open air cafes and restaurants. Well, this time ditch all those, and do something extraordinary. Set your way to the spice plantations in the Pandu district of Goa, where you can tour around the world popular spice gardens and have a traditional lunch of the place.

It’s Time to go Hippie Style in the Beach Shacks

Save your pockets from burning a hole, by sojourning in the beach stacks. Yes. Forget all the posh resorts and hotels in Goa, and get ready to sleep and stay amidst the thicket of nature and open vast surroundings of Goa. Feel like a hippie, pitching your tents with bamboos and other wood sticks, and go camping on the beaches. Do not miss out the bonfires.

Shopping? No, No. Not the Malls!

Malls have become too mainstream for shopping, haven’t they? After all they are flocked everywhere! Shop your hearts out in the flea market of Goa, let’s say at Anjuna Beach and buy whatever you feel like. From leather items, to handcrafts and handbags, everything is there at this market, and that too at cheap prices. You can even get yourself tattooed.

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