What Action Should Be Taken If I Have Suffered A Personal Injury?

Depending on what type of personal injury you have sustained, working out what action to take after the event can seem confusing and frustrating. Seeking advice from a solicitor is essential, however there are several things that you can do, depending on the outcome you desire. Of course the type of compensation you will be seeking will depend on how and why the incident occurred in the first place.

  • You may just want a simple explanation as to why the accident happened and want to make sure that no one else gets hurt in the future.
  • If money problems are a result of the injury then you may need help via compensation, this may well be the case if you were unable to work solely because of the accident. If for example you tripped, fell and broke a limb on an uneven pavement then you could seek recompense via the complaints department at the local council responsible for maintaining the walkways. It’s worth noting that organisations can take a long time dealing with official complaints. A solicitor will be able to advice you if it is worth taking legal action before an agreement has been settled.
  • If you have had to pay for any medical treatment due to the pain and suffering caused by the accident then you will also need to seek compensation. A fully trained solicitor will be able to help with your entitlement as well as process it for you.
  • If your injury occurred abroad then it is possible to make a claim under the law of that country. However if the organisation responsible for the injury was based in the UK, then it would still be possible to make a claim under British law. For example if you had an accident whilst on a package holiday then compensation could be sought from the company who sold you the holiday. Check your insurance details before travelling, depending on the cover you have, solicitor’s fees may be included in your policy.
  • If you have to make a claim under foreign law, legal assistance may be expensive. Some law firms will specialise in injury claims that have occurred outside of the UK so always explore this avenue before fully instructing legal help.

There are various ways to claim compensation for a personal injury.

  • Claims assessors can also negotiate financial packages on your behalf.
  • A claims management company will arrange a solicitor on your behalf and take a fee for themselves too. It’s important to remember that legal action does not have to be taken just because you consult a solicitor. Many personal injury claims are settled outside of the court room through negotiation.
  • However if your injury was caused by a criminal act then there would be no other option than court and potential prosecution.

By Harry Price

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