Reasons To Use A PDF Converter

Before learning about what a PDF Converter is, it is important that you know what a PDF is and why it is so popular in the modern world. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This is a standard format in the tech world since its creation in 1991. The goal of the PDF is to make sharing documents easy between operating devices and systems. While there are now many different formats at a user’s fingertips, there is a reason the PDF file has been around for so long. The key benefits of a PDF file include security, sharing ability, integrity, and the file size.

In most cases, PDF files can be pretty compact. This means that they have the ability to be stored on a hard drive without taking up too much space and can have the ability to be transferred from computer to computer. Sometimes, the files are too big and this is where PDF compression can come in handy. PDF files also offer a sense of security by being password protected. The digital security prevents any unauthorized changes. A final purpose of PDF is the ability to keep files looking like their original documents. The files appear universally the same regardless of the operating systems.

Different Types of Conversions

There are websites such as that offer easy conversions for their user’s needs. If the person knows which format they need, the website offers many different conversions listed below:
PDF to Word:
This service allows its user to convert PDF files into Word Doc or Docx documents in three easy steps.
Word to PDF:
The conversion is the same as above but in reverse. The process will change Word Doc to PDF files.
PDF to Excel:
If you are in need of a PDF file being converted to a XLS file, this is the place to get it done!
Compress PDF:
Sometimes, files are just too big to send! Compress the PDF to make the transfer painless and quick!
This conversion can be used to change Words and/or Pictures into a JPG file.
This service will convert images such as JPG/PNG/and GIF into easy PDF files.
PDF to ePub:
Looking to publish an e-book? This service is perfect to make the conversion easy!
ePub to PDF:
This is the conversion of ePub books to PDF files in three steps.
On top of all of the conversions listed above, the site also offered the ability to merge, split, unlock and password protect PDF files.

Why do I need to Convert from PDF?

The question is, with a PDF file being so popular, why should a user convert their files to different formats? There are several answers to this loaded question. Writers should know when to use a certain file, how to use it, and how to convert certain files. Some simple reasons of why one should use a PDF converter can be found below:

  • Do not have access to the original document

The most likely reason is that you got a PDF from a client and you want to be able to work with the information and edit it. For example creating graphs from tabular data in Excel, or changing information in Word.

  • Accessibility

Most PDF files have an issue with making major edits. By using a converter to a document such as Word Doc, the user will have the ability to make changes to their documents. This saves time and effort of retyping all of the data in the PDF file.

  • Work in Different Formats

In the modern society, everyone has different levels of technology. A user can make sure they have access to all types of formats by using a converter. By having the ability to change a file to Excel, Powerpoint, or Word; a user will never be restricted.

In a world that functions and relies on technology, it is important to have access to different formats. Whether you have a PDF in need of conversion or need to change a different file to a simple PDF, have the correct tools to get the job done efficiently. Why struggle through the conversion yourself with expensive, confusing tools? We live in a world where the work can be done in three or four simple steps, free of charge. Take advantage of modern technology and get the work done fast!

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