Dress Codes For London’s Top Clubs

London is home to some of the world’s most exclusive nightclubs, and you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic night out. Of course, these world class clubs have an image to uphold, and that means that they only let revellers who are suitably suited and booted in. So if you’re planning a night out in the capital, then what should you remember when picking an outfit? Well, we’ve got you covered – from your head to your feet!

The Gents

If you’re a man, then you’re probably already aware how difficult it can be to get into a club based on what you are wearing. It usually comes down to the shoes – most clubs have a strict no-trainers rule, which is where most guys get it wrong. However, there’s more to dressing nightclub friendly than what you put on your feet.

One of London’s top nightlcubs, Mahiki, has a very strict dress code for the gents. A crisp white shirt, trousers or very smart jeans is the way to go, with absolutely no sportswear allowed. It’s the same at Boujis, who state that their male guests have to be impeccably dressed, with no trainers or caps allowed. So if you’re planning to go out in your favourite t-shirt and ripped jeans, you may be heading home before the night has even begun. For gents, the general rule is the smarter, the better.

The Ladies

So we know all about what you need to wear if you’re a man, but what about the ladies? Well the rules at clubs like The Roof Gardens (rated as one of the best nightclubs in the city) are ‘no effort, no entry’. So you’ll want to seriously up the glamour in order to get into any of the capital’s top clubbing destinations. A sexy fitted dress and some skyscraper heels are generally fool proof, but again, you do have to be careful about the kind of dress you pick. You want to look elegant rather than trashy, so go for a designer dress that fits well, rather than something cheap.

Some clubs are particular about not letting in ladies that look a little ‘Essex’ – so an orange tan and outrageous fake nails are a no no! Clubs such as The Box attract supermodels and royalty, so take some style tips from those women, and try to emulate their look. It’s an open secret that the most beautifully dressed ladies often find themselves at the front of the queue – so bear that in mind when you’re getting ready!

Dressed to Kill

So there you have it – your guide on how to dress for a night out in London. It’s known as one of the party capitals of the world because of the brilliant reputation of the nightclubs in the city. They maintain that reputation by being very picky about who they let in – hence the strict dress codes!

If you take all of our advice though, you shouldn’t have any problems making it into your nightclub of choice. After that, the only thing you need to worry about is having an epic night out – and in an exclusive London club, that’s pretty much a given!

Paul Norman is the account manager at Velvet PR. If you want to get into London’s top clubs, contact Paul today.

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