7 Top Reasons To Get A Sunkissed Tan

Tanning is a practice that started decades ago by people who could afford to go to exotic places. A sunkissed tan gave them status and also made them look flawless and golden. Today, we frown on tanning under the sun because of the harmful effects caused by ultraviolet light. The golden glow that we used to think of as healthy is now known to cause premature aging of the skin and can even cause skin cancer. Today, the better alternative is to get a sunkissed tan from an airbrush tanning salon. Tamar Vezirian of Gotham Glow explains that their unique tanning formula is full of nutrients that are actually good for your skin and leave you glowing on the inside as well as the outside.

Now that you know getting a natural looking tan is as easy as having the formula sprayed on and waiting for your perfect tan to develop, what are the reasons that you might decide that now is the best time to get a golden glow? These are some of the top reasons!

  1. A Photo Shoot – whether you are having a special event at work and you need a flattering photo or it’s time to preserve your image in a new family photo, a little color will go a long way towards giving you a more flattering shot.
  2. A Spring Wedding – You don’t have to be the bride to want to look your best at a wedding but tanning is also a good way to make the entire wedding party feel better about their appearance.
  3. A Romantic Weekend Getaway – Nothing will enhance your appearance more than a golden glow from head to toe. Find out how much more confidence you have when you have a golden glow to cover your flaws and enhance your best features.
  4. Chase Away the Winter Blues – After spending the winter in long, heavy clothes, now is the time to start getting into a spring frame of mind. You don’t have to have the sunshine to get a beautiful, natural looking sunkissed tan; take advantage of the opportunity to leave the pale skin and heavy clothes behind you.
  5. Special Effects – Contouring is a “trick-of-the-trade” for some airbrush tanning salons where you can actually benefit by having your less desirable features minimized and call attention to your better ones. Skilled tanning technicians can apply the tanning solution heavier in areas that you want to minimize and lighter to highlight areas like your newly created six-pack abs!
  6. It’s Good for Your SelfConfidence – Anything that you can do to make your body look better is going to make you feel better about yourself. It’s a simple way to boost your confidence and make you feel good in your own skin!
  7. It’s Affordable – Although prices vary from one salon to the next, even the top airbrush tanning salons are affordable enough for anyone to enjoy a custom sunkissed tan.

There are as many good reasons to get a custom sunkissed tan as there are special events. It’s always a fast, simple way to improve your appearance without putting your skin or your health at risk.

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