Ludhiana - A Journey Into The Rich Past Of Our Great Country

Ludhiana – A Journey Into The Rich Past Of Our Great Country

A city with a rich historical background held with utmost respects by people from all parts of the country for its contribution in the freedom struggle of India, Ludhiana is a splendid holiday destination for people looking for a journey into the past. The city is filled with historical sites and this article mentions some of them.

Ludhiana represents the very essence of Punjab. From the way of life of the people, the cuisine and behaviour, there is no where else more “Punjabi” it can get other than this place. The city was established by two boss named by Sikandar Lodi and named it after the Lodi administration. After the fall of the Lodi line the Mughals were under the control of this district. The decay of the august tradition was trailed by a British Rule in the zone. The city played a key role in the revolt of 1857. After a thorough visit of the place, you can easily head back by a Ludhiana to Delhi taxi. Mentioned below are some of the landmarks present in his great city.

Lodhi Fort

Lodhi Fort was worked by the Muslim ruler Sikandar Lodhi around 500 years prior. The fortress is situated at the banks of the Sutlej River furthermore went under the British in 1809. The fortress was at one time a lofty living arrangement of the immense Muslim ruler and showed his military force. Be that as it may, in the wake of disregard the post remains in remnants and has been gravely endured by nature’s components.

Gurudwara Charan Kamal

The Sikh altar denote the spot where Guru Gobind Singh took a taste of water from the lake and nodded off because of a spell and was later joined by a couple of devotees. The building is a splendid illustration of Sikh design.

Nehru Rose Garden

This lovely rose greenhouse was built up in 1967, over a region of 30 acres of land with more than 17,000 plants and 1,600 assortments of roses. It is one of the biggest rose gardens in the whole of Asia, which serves open for the guests from morning till night. The blossoming surroundings of this park merit seeing, particularly for individuals who love roses and truly jump at the chance to check its assortments that are spread here over a limitless span of area.

Tiger Safari Zoo

There is nothing more exciting to do during your stay in Ludhiana than to take a trip to the tiger safari zoo. It is a flawless destination for individuals intrigued by natural life safari, wilderness trekking, untamed life touring, and the sky’s the limit from there. Situated around 6 kms far from the primary city of Ludhiana on the GT street on the Ludhiana-Jalandhar expressway, this spot merits investing energy at. Tiger Safari is something that each visitor must attempt after going by here.

Ansal Plaza Shopping Complex

Although it is unconventional for a shopping mall to make it into the list of places of must visits in a city, this Ansal plaza shopping mall is different from the rest. Spread over 1.5 lakhs square feet, this international level shopping mall is a standout amongst the most visited places in Ludhiana mostly swarmed by youngsters.

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