Weekend Destination – On An Enchanting Trip To The Cool Valleys Of Manali

Weekend Destination – On An Enchanting Trip To The Cool Valleys Of Manali

Situated at the banks of the Beas river, Manali is a brilliant destination in the Kullu area and a perfect getaway to spend your holiday in a calm and serene surroundings of the Himalayan region, away from the hullabaloo of the city. Enveloped with the green woods of deodar and coniferous trees, Manali offers a trip to unwind for the city tenants. Let’s take a look at some of the best places to explore in the hill station of Manali.

The hill station of Manali is considered to be one of the acclaimed summer destinations in the sub-himalayan region. With a progression of resorts and eateries, a present day explorer wouldn’t think that it’s hard to explore. The best part about visiting Manali is that you can without much of hassles can visit the neighboring areas too. If you’re visiting the hill station this weekend, you can easily find a Manali to Delhi taxi after enjoying the attractions in the town. Amongst the distinctive spots to visit in Manali, here are some of the best places you absolutely can’t miss.

Hadimba Devi Temple – This 16th century temple was constructed on a hillock and is surrounded by the thick forests of deodar trees. The ancient temple is dedicated to Hadimba Devi, who as depicted in the Hindu mythology is supposed be the wife of Bhima, one of the Pandavas. The temple complex is designed using the Indian and Buddhist compositional styles and utilizing the nearby forests woods. About 70 meters of the temple area is devoted to Ghatotkacha, the child of Bhima and Hidimba.

Solang Valley – Also known as the ‘Snow Point’, the Solang Valley is eminent for promoting distinctive adventure and winter sports like zorbing, paragliding, skiing, horse riding, mountain biking and so on. The valley is arranged at an elevation of more than 2,500 meters and is regarded amongst the most popular trekking hotspots in the region. Once at the most astounding tops of mountain, you’ll get a mind boggling panorama of the greenery spread on the valleys, with town cabins and autos on road seeming like toys.

Rohtang Pass – The Rohtang Pass is a mountain pass which lies at an elevation of more than 3500 meters above sea level, on the eastern sides of the Pir Panjal Range. The pass is situated at a brilliant location with the rivers Beas and Chenab flowing through the southern and northern sides of the pass. The Rohtang Pass is lauded for its captivating panoramic view of the valley and a couple of lesser known waterfalls holed up in the hidden areas.

Sultanpur Palace – Earlier known as the Rupi Palace, this astounding celebrated royal palace was crushed when a strong seismic wave hit the region. Today, the remainders of the manor showcases extraordinary configuration of Victorian and Pahari architectural styles. This distinguished royal home was the spot where once the past leaders of the Kullu valley lived.

So, if you’re planning a holiday in the green valleys of Manali, don’t forget to include these items in your itinerary.

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