The Importance Of Beer Dispensing Equipment In Your Establishment

The Importance Of Beer Dispensing Equipment In Your Establishment

When you serve beer, you want to ensure your clientele the quality that will bring them back time after time. Whether yours is a full-service restaurant or a small bar, the quality of your beer dispensing equipment should be a primary concern. The equipment that you use to store and serve beer will determine how good the quality is when it reaches the customer’s palate. After all, if a bar doesn’t rely on the reputation of its drinks, what does it take to set them apart?

Who Is Your Target Customer?

Any business thrives by knowing who its target customers are and what they can do to keep those customers happy. For restaurants considering adding beer to their menu, installing a draft dispensing system will provide customers with the freshest, most flavorful beer. The quality of the beer dispensing system will determine whether the addition is a good investment or a bust. Any devoted beer drinker knows the importance of temperature and the difference in taste when their beer is served at optimal temperature. Beer does not respond well to drastic temperature changes. Make sure you get a quality system that will maintain the temperature of your beer to prevent it from going flat or being too foamy.

There are also those customers who are devoted fans of a specific type of draft who never touch another brand. Others appreciate the opportunity to try something new in the hopes of finding a new favorite. Giving them exactly what they want depends on the care you take to choose beer dispensing equipment to serve up their favorite brew. For starters, the equipment needs to be clearly marked with the brands that you serve. Plain taps or handles that are not marked and leave selection to memory are more prone to human error once the establishment gets busy and the bartender is distracted. A clearly marked dispenser like those at Canadian Beverage Supply are a good example. They eliminate the possibility of giving someone the wrong drink by simply pulling the tap next to the one you were targeting.

Offering your guests draft beer will give them an option to enjoy a favorite drink with their meal that they can’t get from the competition. Restaurants that have a draft beer system have proven more effective at building customer loyalty that helps to keep profit margins high.  Not only is this a good reason to offer draft beer in your establishment; it is a good reason to invest in top quality beer dispensing equipment. This will make it easier to make sure they associate your business with top quality beer and an enjoyable dining experience every time they visit.

Build Brand Familiarity with Custom Tap Handles

Once you have impressed your customers with your quality draft beer, you want to make sure they remember the name of your restaurant the next time they want to repeat the experience. A good way to do this is with custom printed tap handles that have your name and logo printed on all four sides. Let customers know the name behind the beer by personalizing your beer dispensing equipment.

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