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Sherwani has been a common garment for men since a long time ago. It was originally an outfit in the Mughal empire, yet it is worn by men till date. Through the years, the dress has undergone several modifications. Today’s sherwanis are much more tight-fisted than those that were made originally during Mughal rule. Changes can also be observed in the styles, patterns, cuts and designs. Designers keep trying to introduce newer trends and more attractive varieties in the garment. Sherwanis are worn today mostly on festive occasions. In few states, this national dress of Pakistan is also treated as a formal wear. But in most parts of India, this conventional outfit is reserved entirely for traditional festivals. Some treat sherwanis as general, traditional clothes and choose to wear them on any occasion, but the majority prefers them especially on weddings. You can check out the Brahaan by Narains for more info about the options.

Many things to choose from

The wedding is considered as a boon in the life of a bachelor, it being one of the most special days of his life, when he gets tied with his life partner with the wedlock. Naturally, one desires to be in their best appearance on this particular day. Moreover, as a huge number of people are invited to witness the ceremony, it is the obvious need for the new couple to look good to the best of their abilities. Under such circumstances, the sherwani is undoubtedly the most suitable garment for the bridegroom. Nowadays plenty of sherwanis of different styles are easily available. The chunri, safa and khussa, accompanied by a pagri, provide a princely get-up to the young man on the horse. Wearing sherwanis in one’s wedding days is a current trend. Be it on the day of the wedding, or in the reception, a bridegroom is bound to wish for trying a sherwani once. Not only bridegrooms but also relatives and visitors may opt for the outfit on the occasion. This huge demand of the garment on such auspicious days is primarily due to its gorgeous appearance. The kurta worn along with a churidar or salwar is adorned by this heavily embroidered coat put on over the kurta and reaching upto the knee, or lower, in length. Usually,deeply colouredsherwanis are preferred on the occasion of marriage, such as maroon, blue or green. At times, light coloured ones, like cream or off-white, maybe teamed with dark salwars to make the overall effect an appealing one.

The designs:

In Muslim weddings, sherwani is actually the official dress of the bridegroom. Due to the excessive demand for this particular garment in the present date, designers work a lot on it lately. From clothing shop windows to online shopping sites, plenty of sherwanis of different styles, patterns, cuts, and designs are found displayed. The garment can make even the simplest man with commonest features and very bleak appearance to turn to a stunning and attractive one. Hence, the demand for the outfit during festive occasions, especially marriage ceremonies stands unquestionable. If one is planning to have a bridal sherwani, just pay a visit to wedding sherwani store or shop in Rajouri gardento witness the beautiful kurtas of Brahaan by Narains.

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