New Growth Is Occurring In The Data Center UPS Market

The growing need for easy access and management of virtualization and cloud computing has ushered in a new era in the evolution of Global Data Center UPS Management. The Data Center market has witnessed an exponential growth not only in the United States but also across much of the world. The need for Data Centers is growing among many organizations, for the processing and distribution of all kinds of data continuously.

Data Center Trends

Factors propelling the demand of Data Centers’ services include the evolution of the software industry added to trends in the streaming media industry. The continuous shift towards cloud computing has created additional need for data storage centers and the corresponding need to secure data safely. Other factors driving up this growth is the online service providers, mobile computing and remote access services.

Data Center UPS Market

The exponential growth occurring in the Data Center market also comes from the Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) mechanism. Through the use of such devices and techniques, emergency power supply is guaranteed in case the main power supply is interrupted. Technology cannot guarantee that the main power supply may never be disrupted. If the main power supply is interrupted and no backup power supply is in place, such power loss could result in some data loss.

New innovations have been infused into state-of-the-art, modern UPS technology. Some examples include the provision of an integrated intelligent battery management system, improvised battery charging and management, and efficient and automated self-test system capabilities.

The UPS technology acts as a form of rectifier and an interface between the main power supply and the Data Centers. Through this medium, UPS guarantees the quality of power supply at all times, helping also as a power regulator. Through this process, more effective and efficient Data Center operations are maintained at all times.

Growth in the Global Data Center UPS Market

Due to the growing demands for Data Centers across the world, there are predictions that global growth outlook and demand for Data Center services would reach an estimated $5.52 billion by by the year 2020, with a current annual growth rate of 6.52%. Much of the expected growth in the Data Center UPS Market are coming from growing need of cloud computing. Other factors facilitating this growth include increases in the volume of deployable data coming from Data Centers and enterprises, maintenance requirements, and reliability of Data Center up-time are all contributing factors in this current growth projections in the Data Center market.

Future of the Data Center UPS Market

Based on these trends, one can comfortably predict that the future of this industry is dynamic and may still be in its infancy at this stage. Part of the reason is because the Data Center UPS Market is still relatively new. Since it is being driven by technological innovations, many new enhancements to the existing products will result in new customers and clients whose companies and services may have growing data storage needs.

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