Classic Christmas Cake Recipes

A big part of our Christmas celebrations is eating some delicious food – a bit too much of it most of the time! It’s the time of year for a little indulgence though, and nothing is more indulgent than a slice of Christmas cake. Whether you enjoy yours with a cup of tea or as a dessert after your Christmas Day lunch, there’s no denying that everyone’s partial to some. If you’re making your own, then, where should you start? Well, our round-up of the best recipes out there should inspire you.

Delia Smith

No one does Christmas quite like Delia Smith – and her recipe for a traditional Christmas cake is one of the best out there. A combination of her grandmother’s, her mothers and her own recipe, her Christmas cake touches on what the festive season is really about – family. Featuring plenty of fruit, citrus flavours and a healthy bit of brandy, it’s a real classic. Make it now so that you can ‘feed’ it right up until the big day!

Mary Berry

This recipe from the queen of baking Mary Berry is all about tradition. Much like Delia’s recipe, it features fruit like raisins, sultanas, currants and glacé cherries to keep the cake beautifully moist. In true Bake Off style though, Mary’s recipe features a stunning finishing touch – some snow-white royal icing. For this you’ll need eggs, lemon juice, icing sugar and glycerine, plus a little bit of patience when it comes to applying it to the cake!

Paul Hollywood

Christmas cakes are traditionally prepared quite a while before the big day. If you’ve hardly got a minute to spare though, don’t worry! This cake recipe of Paul Hollywood’s can be made a couple of days before Christmas and still taste incredible. It’s a slightly more fruity twist on the classic recipe too – with apricots, prunes, pineapples and candied peel joining the usual suspects. Paul decorates his with marzipan and royal icing, but if you don’t have the time, it tastes just as good without.

Getting Better at Baking

Making a Christmas cake is a hugely enjoyable process for anyone, whether they are a beginner or a seasoned baker. If you’re a little unsure or have just caught the baking bug, then how about expanding your knowledge a little? A baking course is a great way to do this. Not only will you have the chance to pick up new recipes and skills, but you’ll also be able to meet fellow home bakers and make some friends.

What will you Create in the Kitchen?

Like we said, Christmas is all about tucking into some delicious food. There’s nothing more satisfying than serving up something that you have made yourself on Christmas Day – and you’ll feel incredible when everyone says how delicious your cake is. Who knows, this Christmas could be the start of a love affair with baking! If you decide to expand your skill set further by going on a baking course, there’s no limit on how good you could be by this time next year. Before you know it, everyone will be coming round to sample a slice of your latest creation!

Eloise Durrant loves baking and teaching. She founded The Gourmet Cupcake Company, through which she runs baking and decorating courses in Essex. She also makes cakes to order!

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