2 Cloud Solutions For Musicians

The world of music is as diverse as it is immense. Still, the impact of modern technology is far more obvious here than in other fields of art. Musicians have been benefiting from “electronic and computer advancements” since the term was coined. With time, these advancements have grown to exert more influence by assisting musicians and music producing companies alike. Two such cloud based solutions are SharePoint and hosted virtual desktop.

Perks of using SharePoint for Musicians

SharePoint’s intrinsic capabilities such as storage and online collaboration make it indispensable for musicians. Let’s take a closer look at how these two features can be of help:

Metadata storage

For a musician dealing with a lot of stored music files and sifting through them often comes with the territory. The storage of these files on a local machine is only half the solution. Consider these scenarios:

  • What if there was a requirement to share a few files?
  • Storing all the files locally can get messy when you are in a hurry to retrieve a particular file?

Storage sharing

The response to the first question is that with cloud based SharePoint, musicians have the ability to setup separate workspaces and team sites. These workspaces can store documents, audio visual files and even music files. These can in turn be shared with specific users who are given access to the storage through a predefined password. This approach beats by simply zipping the file and emailing to the intended person. The recipient can not only download the music file but also add comments and their opinion about it in a document and upload it back on the same location.

Metadata to the rescue

The answer to second query is SharePoint’s metadata storage. Metadata storage entails tagging the data with snippet of information. This not only classifies data more comprehensively but also provides a flexible way of searching it, no matter where it’s stored. For example, when searching music files from a certain and specific genre, metadata really comes in handy. Metadata is like data about the data that you are searching for; it fine tunes the search to give you relevant results and saves you from information overload. It creates a hierarchical structure for the stored data in form of libraries and folders which are at user’s disposal on command.

Collaboration through SharePoint

Last but certainly not the least, is the collaboration platform SharePoint offers. For example, a music college based in one city can utilize SharePoint and arrange for their students to be taught music by a faculty of college in another city. SharePoint fosters collaborative and performance focused environment which bridges geographical gaps for the benefit of its users. Check https://www.cloudappsportal.com to get SharePoint Online Free for musicians. You should test drive SharePoint solution before finalizing it.

Hosted virtual desktop for musicians

Hosted virtual desktop entails using applications and software programs inside a virtual machine through your existing computer. This arrangement holds immense possibilities for a musician. Imagine being able to remix, synthesize and tweak a music file without having an optimally configured computer handy. Desktop virtualization makes it possible to remotely connect to resource intensive applications which reside on a remote server. The hardware resources necessary to run these applications are provided by the server with output being displayed at client’s computer. This setup frees the musician from mundane worries such as not having adequate computational power or running out of storage.

Another boon of virtual desktop is the ironclad security it provides. If a musician or a music company has all of its data i.e. music files stored on a local computer and that computer is somehow compromised due to virus infiltration or any other reason, what will happen? Ordinarily, the data will be lost for good and become irretrievable. But when using virtual desktop the data is secured on the service provider’s computer under layers of security which makes it impervious to viruses and other disasters. Visit https://www.clouddesktoponline.com; they are one of the best purveyors of virtual desktop hosting and have been dedicatedly rendering services to diverse clientele.

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