Is Soy Protein Safe To Be Taken?

Is Soy Protein Safe To Be Taken?

These days, one can come across plenty of products like soy cheese, soy powder and soybeans for preparing protein shakes. Several controversies with regards to soy protein’s effects have compelled people to research on this protein and check if it is to be used or avoided.

Few Common Concerns

  • Soy may cause breast cancer: Excess estrogen may mean breast cancer. Isoflavones may be present in soy protein, which is termed to be a plant compound found in vegetables, legumes and grains. These are available in small amounts, however, are found plentiful in soybeans. The Isoflavones may affect the body similar to that of estrogen, however, are more than 10,000 times weaker. In this case, the effects can also be positive. Isoflavones can help to regulate cell development which may guard the body against cancer and cholesterol levels. Researches have shown that consuming soy in huge amounts have helped in decreased breast cancer rates.
  • Damages the heart: It is more of a wrong belief, since soy is not at all bad for the heart. According to researches, foods having isoflavones in them can assist young adults to have their blood pressure to be decreased. Isoflavones can encourage the body towards creating nitric oxide, which is a compound to assist dilate blood vessels, while decreasing pressure against the vessel walls. Moreover, Soy does have sufficient quantity of fiber that assists in reducing bad cholesterol levels.
  • Thyroid is affected: It has been shown by researches that people having normal thyroid gland functioning are safe to use soy protein as supplements, but those having pre-existing conditions and using medications could probably be affected. To avoid such an issue from taking place, the person needs to allow few hours between consuming soy protein and taking medication.

Useful Suggestions to Follow

It is necessary to have consumption of majority of the foods to be moderated. Hence, one should consume just a single or two servings a day of soy foods or as recommended by the health expert. At the same time, it is also essential for the person to be aware as to what is being consumed. Some soy products might not be that good to taste. It is better to avoid energy bars and soy burgers, since they are considered to be highly processed foods. Nutrition label present in them states that these contain soy protein, but not whole soy. This is because the nutrients of soy protein might have been removed due to processing. Other products such as streak strips, hot dogs, soy cheese does contain added fats and sugar along with refined flour.

Soy protein’s beneficial effects can be found while consuming whole foods. Plenty of nutrients can be found in non-processed food. One can also buy soy protein online India that is easily available in the form of supplements and are affordable and well within the budget. With so many companies offering varieties of soy protein supplements, hence, in short, when carefully selected, soy protein can prove to be more than useful to be body.

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