Quad Copter Buying Guide

Hobbyist-friendly quad copters are now can be seen buzzing all over cities in the world – in the parks, beaches or open grounds. It’s gaining popularity as fun sport for its first class flying experience and video monitored amazing views, are user friendly and affordable competitive prices.

With dozen of products now available in the market, you need some tips to finalize the best quad copter in affordable price

Different for Kids and Adults

Flying hobby can scale to different levels for kids and adults. With kids, one needs to be assured of their safety and thus its compulsory for adult supervision while kids are trying to fly these objects with sharp spinning blades.

For children, inexpensive drone with blade guards to protect walls, pets and children should be considered. You can opt for indoor friendly mini drones as starters for kids.

For first time adults and children with indoor hands on experience, a good outdoor ready to use quad copter with dual stick controllers can be picked which are sturdy and fast with a good range. For hobbyists and professionals you go for more professional ones

Camera type

camera is a big consideration while buying a drone. You can choose models with cameras attached or if you need a high quality video, you can purchase a go pro model or external camera additional to the drone.  Usual recommendation is for built in cameras as they are lighter and are functional. Other things you can get details are the resolution, megapixel of the camera, the distance it can cover and the angle it can be turned to.

Live Feed

This feature is not available with all the quad copter. So in case you want this feature, you can filter your list likewise.

Check the Controllable Range

The range that you can control is also a vital factor to check and can be particularly useful for people looking for aerial shots and videos. In many cases, it is necessary to keep the quad copter within your line of sight.

Battery life

Check for the battery life in case you are a hobbyist or a regular professional and wish to take long video shots from the sky. Additionally , you may want to check the charging time or if any replacement batteries are available

Speed and Height factors

Check for speed and height the quadcopter can reach maximum; usually these factors can also determine your purchase choice.

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