Hyderabad - A Holiday In The Former Princely State Now A Modern City

Hyderabad – A Holiday In The Former Princely State Now A Modern City

Hyderabad resonates a majestic feel to its name. The reason for this is as known to many is because of it being a former princely state. It was the abode of the Nawabs and the city was filled with palaces and great monuments. Lifestyle was extravagant and rich and that lifestyle has been passed on, but with a modern prospect.

Hyderabad, a former princely state known for its rich historic heritage is now a fully developed major city. To witness the beautiful palaces and monuments which once stood in the heart of the town and the main city area, one has to scooch over and look past the tall skyscrapers and the huge malls and complexes in glass facades. The development is not only only confined to the commercial sector but Hyderabad is also growing to be one of the leading IT centers in India giving Bangalore a run for its money.

The city has seen an increasing amount of working professionals in the past few years. the reason for this is that a good number of MNCs have set up shop at Hyderabad making it their headquarters for India. Hotels in Hyderabad are a common caterer to business meetings and office parties organised by this corporations. There is also a good number of luxurious and star hotels since there are lots of travellers travelling in an out for a few days to Hyderabad on business meetings. These people prefer to stay in the most luxurious hotels for the time they spend there and the hotels in Hyderabad makes sure they leave no stone unturned in providing them the finest services expected of them.

As mentioned earlier, unless you make an effort to look for the historic buildings, you will just pass through them without noticing it. Hiding behind the huge corporate buildings are historical forts, buildings and palaces and it may require you to take a detour from the normal city main roads to alternate routes to get to these historic places. If you do not have a tour guide you can ask your cab drivers to take you to these place however that is not a safe bet if you are new to the city because chances are, they will take you by the longer route to charge you more. The best way is to search for the location using google maps and navigate the driver if you have a smartphone. A smartphone in this day and age comes very handy as you can almost take care of everything from booking your travel tickets, hotels and cabs in any new city.

In a city like Hyderabad, connectivity should be the least of your worries. It has an international airport, a busy railway station and transportations facilities by road where you can easily catch night buses to nearby cities like Bangalore on a daily basis. There is a good number of the cheap hotels in Hyderabad located conveniently in the peripherals of the train station.

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