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HTC One M10: Features and Specs

It wasn’t that a long time ago when the Taiwanese Smartphone giant, HTC was the maker of one of the most powerful and aesthetically pleasing Smartphone. But may be due to the lack of innovative features that should be added over time or due to failure to appeal to the masses the way competing brands like Samsung did. But there is certainly no denying to the fact that after the android’s feverish obsession grasped the market, HTC did ascend the throne of rolling out fabulously high performance devices like the entire HTC One M series.

Only if the present day android market be anything like it was a year ago; nevertheless HTC has taken one last stab at presenting its user with a gem of a device, HTC One M10. With its predecessor HTC One M9 launched only a couple of months ago, it kind of comes as a shocker to have HTC announce HTC One M10. Although, if the company is trying to reinforce its present in the market by two of its flagship products back to back, in a quick succession, then it might as well bring out a device that is significantly more powerful and functionally superior to its contemporaries. According to the gossip mill, HTC has tried to bring the best of the features in the yet-to-released HTC One M10. But here is a list of the things that we desperately would want to see in the device:

  • A powerful camera: Not just for the sake of selfie-crazed people out there, but in endeavors to enhance the capacities of the cell phone to catch “selfie” in low light UltraPixel module is introduced in the HTC One M10.
  • In a processor has 3 GB of RAM. The internal storage provided in the HTC One M10 is 32 GB. The best part of the deal would be if the HTC One M10 allows enhancing the storage by providing slots for external memory cards, something that HTC’s competitors have been eliminating in most of their flagship product for some reason.
  • For the great sound and music experience, HTC One M10 has pair of front stereo speakers – this time supplemented by the innovative support Dolby Audio. But, the users haven’t yet forgotten the beat’s configuration audio configuration that HTC used to provide even in its medium budget segment phones. The buyers would really love to see some more surprising and quality features in the new HTC One M10.
  • Processor and chip set: the HTC One M10 is rumored to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor at heart. But given the issues with regard to the device heating up, in case of the predecessors of HTC One M10, it would have been a wise move to try out another chipset in the flagship product like Samsung going for its in-house developed Exynos processors. Although, what matters is the overall performance Of the HTC One M10, yet a little more effort on the Smartphone giants part when it comes to the flagship product wouldn’t have hurt.

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