Button Up In Style!!

Well the shirts have come from the west but we as Indians have always given it our own desi touch!! People in the Indian hinterland simply adore apparel in vibrant colours. So have the creative mastermind curators altered the much formal look of the shirt, adding block-printed fabrics, intricate embroidery & motifs. Whether it’s the katha stitch handwork, kutcha work or the beautiful phulkari- all look really stylish on shirts. To add more to them are the embellishments, stones, laces, frills & floral buttons to give you the stunning diva look. Gone are the days when there were just white, pink, black & blue, now its fusion time. Formal shirts for women have taken a back seat. Cotton shirts in ethnic prints are absolute style favourite. Not only the creative league of artists, rock stars, writers & actors who flaunt them but also the youngsters of today are opting for these in huge numbers. People are considering eco-friendly fabrics like cotton, khadi & linen. It seems the khadi revolution has begun and soon we will see fashionistas from all over the world vouching & recommending for this delightful fabric.

Apart from ladies casual shirts, party shirts are being designed massively. Synthetic transparent ones are the fav option for most girls who team them up with spaghetti underneath. It looks sexy & classy. Netted shirts are also in vogue with cuts in different styles, these are sure to make you the centre of attraction the whole evening.Studded with stones & embellishments with mettle finish, shirts are being made for the daily party lovers who love all the jazzy stuff. Women shirts has never before seen so much variety.

Formal shirts for women are also undergoing a major transformation. Formal shirts are now coming in simple prints with light shades to make you look suave & classy.  The floral prints are something to fall for; they look dainty & cute when worn with a perfect fitted trouser. These are such that one can easily go to a party after office and the attire looks equally elegant & chic. That for sure saves the hassle of carrying the dress & changing again. So the floral printed shirts are no more restricted to beach wear! You can wear them to office to, provided it is given an elegant twist to suit your personality just right.

American Swan presents a tempting collection of formal shirts for ladies& also causal ones for the women with fervour. If you are the one who celebrated elegance & beauty; browse through their collection and gift yourself an amazing shirt. Buy shoes online for women to complement the shirt. So everything can be made interesting & fun if we pay a little attention and let go of our thoughts & think fresh again- even the boring office shirts. So next time you open your wardrobe look for that shirt with a different style & spark! Change is refreshing, embrace it to the fullest!

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