Galaxy note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Features To Look Out For

Once again, the Korean tech giant has rolled out an exceptionally powerful device with enhanced capabilities in the form of galaxy note 5. We would hate to be the buzz kill here and at the same time we also would not oversell the whole deal, but here are some of the things you must be geared up for if you have already made up your mind to buy this beast of a phone. While some of the features are bound to impress you, a few others would seem much like a chapter taken out of an old book. Nevertheless, galaxy note 5 has definitely been able to grab the buyer’s eyeballs and is hopefully here to stay.

  • Legacy memory management strategy: taking a leaf out of the book that brands like apple, use when it comes to memory management, Samsung takes forward the aggressive memory management techniques even with a higher number associated with the RAM size. Reason: better battery life and hence a longer shelf life.

Galaxy note 5, although comes with a generous helping of all RAM sizes presently implemented in most devices, can be a little tacky when it comes to attempting to keep the applications live while to multitask with other application on the side.

  • On a brighter note, galaxy note 5 has finally been able to bridge the gap between a superior graphics rendering and the processor at heart of the device that makes it possible. Galaxy note 5 has used an in-house developed octa-core processor that, ever since its launch has been creating ripples and has allegedly hogged the lime light more as compared to seasoned processor makers like QUALCOMM and Intel.
  • The GPU used in galaxy note 5 i.e. Mali t760 is one of the best in the block. The all powerful combination of an efficient, performance oriented chip set with a better that anticipated RAM size provides a lag free graphics rendering; thanks to the GPU. This not only proves to be an advantage to the above average android user but has also attracted a large number of heavy weightlifting androids users who deploy memory and graphics intensive applications
  • Apart from the better that the best performance and efficiency of galaxy note 5, the drop dead good looks of the phone is also worth the mention. Breaking the mold and shifting to a sturdy yet easy on eyes glass infused metal looks could not have possibly gone bad for Samsung. Galaxy note 5 literally appeals to get picked up over other similar devices.

As it’s anything but difficult to see that the telephone experiences a couple of downsides, the quality and resourcefulness imbued into the gadget right from the configuration level is difficult to miss and is verging on beautiful. In any case, then no single thing is altogether immaculate and it is significantly genuine in the matter of android gadgets, still doubtlessly like this flagship product i.e. galaxy note 5 by Samsung would unquestionably stand the test of time and contending android devices by other makers.

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