Surveillance Cameras – The Legal Way

Placing Cameras Outside

There are many reasons why people install cameras in their homes and business environments. These cameras are generally installed on the outside. Several areas that have a lot of work going on around them are secured with the installation of these cameras. They are installed either in one side of the actual building so it can be kept an eye on. They are also installed on the corner of each building as well. This way if there is a break in or a fire in the building not only can the manager be immediately informed, it can also be visually recorded for it to be used as evidence later.

There are several laws that ensure that disallow individuals from installing cameras just anywhere. Even a camera at the end of the street is considered a public assertion. It is important the public’s opinion is considered when installing cameras.

If a camera is ever directly pointed towards a certain individual, group of people or a private state, then a privacy concern can arise. However, if a camera is installed outside, it is considered an automatic installation made for public concerns. There are some cameras that are installed outside are commonly there with the ability to see through the dark. Therefore, it is a lot less complicated when a camera is installed outside. The concept of privacy is automatically reduced and the main purpose of the installation is to offer protection to the public.

Installing Cameras Inside

However, when a camera is installed inside, things can get complicated if not handled well. A camera can only be installed inside if it does not threaten the privacy of any individual inside. This is why, when a store owner installs a camera inside the store is to offer protection to his customers and to his store. The camera allows him to keep an eye on shoplifters and also to use the footage in case of theft.

As it would be expected, customers are never comfortable with store owners installing surveillance cameras in the bathroom, changing rooms and dressing rooms. As it would be expected, installation of cameras in the bathroom is completely unacceptable. Though dressing rooms do not always suggest complete nudity, people have varying opinions about installing surveillance cameras there. These elements are therefore introduced in privacy laws regarding the installation of surveillance cameras.

Same is the case with installing surveillance cameras in hotels and motels. Though it is considered okay installing cameras in the lobbies of the mentioned places, it is not okay to install them inside people’s rooms. This is because these are the areas where the customers expect complete privacy.

The Newly Introduced Surveillance System

The law is constantly under development when it comes to the installation of the cameras. This is because though they offer a lot of protection to the public whereas can also easily pose a threat if not handled well.

They can easily become the reason of complaints as they can readily lead to misconduct. But at the same time they can be a sole reason for putting a criminal behind bars by providing visual evidence of a crime that might otherwise go unnoticed.

It is because of these reasons that the installation of surveillance cameras both inside and outside now has a set of laws that make the implementation easier.

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