Advantages Of Using A Virtual Private Server

The popularity of Virtual Private Servers (VPS) is growing exponentially. As such virtualization technologies constantly improve in functionality and performance, the numbers of users are only expected to soar. There are heaps of advantages in using a Virtual Private Server. Each benefit explains why an organization or a website owner should consider VPS over the typical shared web hosting. They will also emphasize as to why VPS hosting will never cease to get more popular.

VPS is a Lot More Stable and Reliable

Having a Virtual Private Server lets you enjoy work, business or game without the dramas often caused by shared web hosting. Many web hosting companies are over-selling their servers. Hundreds or even thousands of clients may be piled on to the same server and this is not a good thing. In the near future, there is a huge possibility that the reliability of these web hosting services will be gone.

A shared server’s performance can be impacted by the activities of websites that uses the server. So if you happened to be designated on the same place with a user that often crashes the server, your website is sure to suffer. Before you settle for a shared web hosting, you may want to ask yourself whether you can take the risk especially if your website is used for business.

Easier to Manipulate

Compared to shared hosting, a VPS grants you complete control over the environment. Whenever you need a customized package installed, you can get it immediately without the need for the support of your web hosting provider. Security limitations is the main reason why you can’t easily obtain popular software packages in shared web hosting. You can bypass all these requirements by having your own virtual private environment.

Flexible and Easy to Scale when Necessary

A start up website requires multiple adjustments which is why variances in the amount of traffic are important. Once you have identified the numbers, you may need to adjust in order to keep up with the growth of your business. With VPS hosting, you can easily scale your hosting resources without technical issues.

If you have a VPS hosting account, a container which contains allocation of resources you need is provided. This is flexible and you can quickly allocate more or less resources based on your requirements. So if you realized that you needed an upgrade of RAM, you can quickly add it on your own with just a click of a button. For other forms of hosting, someone else have to physically install the RAM which may lead to errors, down time and lost traffic.

Cost-effective Solution of having a Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are the most powerful and fastest choices for web hosting. But all this comes with a price which is way too than the other types. There are some high-performing VPS that can give low-performance dedicated server hosting a run for its money. This only means that having a VPS is a practical choice as it is affordable, flexible, reliable and advantageous at the same time.

Virtual Private Servers is now designed to cater websites of different kinds and sizes. It is the perfect choice even for start-ups. As virtualization technologies advances, the prices are expected to decrease. Given the above fact, more and more website owners may avail for VPS in the next years to come. Once a user experienced VPS solutions, chances are very high that they will never look back to old shared web hosting.

Jensen Carlyle writes on business and technology topics, and is currently working with Swift Systems in Maryland.

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