The Kind Of Web Browsers

There have to various kinds of web browsers that are used by various users to gain access to all the information available on the internet. This information goes far beyond social media, it can include:

  1. Various web pages

  2. Images

  3. Documents that are commercial, scholarly and even content based

  4. Audio and video files

  5. Games and several more.

If you have a browser preference, it is not necessary that you have just a single browser on your computer. You can easily have more than one.

The one thing that is common about all the web browsers made available to users are that they give the users access to the internet through the medium of the World Wide Web. In a nutshell it can be said that the very primary application of all the web browsers is the same, however, they differ in several aspects. Following is a list of the many web browsers that are used by various individuals with a brief explanation of how they work and what particular features makes them stand out when compared with the other.

Internet Explorer

The internet explorer has been around for a very long time and is occasionally updated by Microsoft. With each update, Microsoft ensures that the capacity of the explorer is advanced and made easier for the user. When the Internet explorer was initially introduced it did not support the now widely used idea of tabbed browsing. This means that it did not allow users to gain access to more than one page at a time; hence this slowed the browsing process for users. However, now it can be used even in the older versions, by installing toolbars. Users can even insert images to be used as a bookmark.

Mozilla Firefox

Up until the year 2008, more than two hundred billion users all over the world were known to be using Mozilla Firefox. Since the release of Firefox, the use and sale of the Internet Explorer drastically decreased. Currently, Mozilla Firefox is said to be holding more than 22% of the market share. Like the internet explorer, Firefox is also regularly updated in order to improve its usability for universal users.

It also fully supports the concept of tabbed browsing thus allowing users to gain access to several webpages at the same time. Another important feature demonstrated by Firefox is the concept of session storage through which users can regain access to the open tabs after the browser window has been closed.

Google Chrome

Since its introduction in September in the year 2008 this web browser has been used widely. It is a development of Google. It is easily used through the Windows however the MacBook version of it is currently under development. It is immensely similar to Safari and the arrangement of its browser settings are very alike those of Internet explorer. However, the reason why Google Chrome stands out is the malware and phishing warning that the browser suggests when any user tries to browse a site. More so, users can also use the user tracking option available with Chrome.

Hence, with the above provided detail you can decide which browser best suits your requirements.

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