How To Get The Roadworthy Certificate For Your Car?

If you want to sell your car then you must obtain the roadworthy certificate because it is the standard measurement for the running condition of your car. Mainly roadworthy certificates are given after some preliminary testing of your car parts like brakes, window, car body, windscreen and engine. This certificate does not declare your car as a brand new one, it is just a safety measurement procedure which shows that your car is safe to drive and you can drive the car on road safely or you can sell the car without any hassle.  

A Comprehensive Detail on acquiring a Roadworthy Certificate

  • Who issues the certificate?  

Only a licensed vehicle tester can pass a vehicle after thorough inspection, and only then a certificate of road worthiness is issued for that particular vehicle. The authority of the roadworthy certificate should be registered by automobile company and the automobile authority of the state. They will inspect your car and check the spare parts like cooling system, windscreen, car body and brakes. After inspecting your car, they will issue the roadworthy certificate in your name and you can sell your car to anyone. Afterward the buyer can easily register the car by his or her name without any problem.

  • The validity of a Certificate and How long does it remain Current?

Roadworthy certificate issued with a provisional date and the buyer should be transferred to the person’s name within this stipulated time. Most of the countries issue this certificate with thirty days validation and within this time the name should be transferred. Apart from that, the roadworthy certificate is valid for one time transfer only and if the buyer wants to transfer the ownership then additional roadworthy certificate will be needed.

Nevertheless, you should keep this in mind that despite issuing a roadworthy certificate to vehicles, the wheelers will continue to function as per roadworthy conditions for a stretch of 30 days from the date of issue of the certificate. 

  • What is the cost of a certificate?

How To Get The Roadworthy Certificate For Your Car?

There is no fixed cost of issuing a certificate. The price tag varies according to type, condition and age of vehicles. To determine the right cost, you can ask for quotes from Licensed Vehicles Tester and decide what should be the appropriate cost. You need to show the accurate current mileage of your car and the authority will calculate the cost accordingly.

  • What does the Certificate inspection cover?

The inspection of vehicle is about checking your vehicle thoroughly and also the key components and ensuring that all the parts are in fit condition and are absolutely safe for road use. The areas of inspection include:

  • Suspensions, and steering
  • Tyres, wheels, braking systems
  • Reflectors and lights
  • Seatbelts and seats
  • Vehicle structure
  • Windscreen and front washers and wipers
  • Engine and chassis, which are the other safety items on the car’s body

The inspection details of vehicles vary according to the road worthiness requirements and the inspection standards.

  • Things that are not inspected

Do know this that the road worthiness test excludes general condition of your vehicle and the mechanical reliability of your vehicle. Hence, the certificate will definitely not mean the following:

  • That your car is without deterioration or wear and tear; and that it is in a very good condition
  • That those items which were thoroughly inspected and were functioning diligently will continue to function with equal agility post inspection. For example, the brake light might abruptly stop working even after the inspection and any time.
  • That the air conditioner, electric windows, rear window, wipers are working fine. These are the non-safety accessories in your vehicle.

In case of rejection of the roadworthy certificate you need to bear the repairing cost of your car. If your car requires some major replacement of the parts and repairing task then you need to arrange these repairing and apply for the roadworthy certificate again. You can also follow this link to know more about Roadworthy Certificate! 

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