Yercaud - A Beautiful Town Home To Large Coffee Estates, Orange Cultivated Lands, and A Tranquil Lake

Yercaud – A Beautiful Town Home To Large Coffee Estates, Orange Cultivated Lands, and A Tranquil Lake

Yercaud is a beautiful town situated close to Ooty and is known as “Poor man’s Ooty”. It is no less scenic than any other popular hill stations in India. Blessed in abundance with nature the place is a perfect destination to explore and enjoy the best Tamil Nadu tourism. Visit the town during next vacation and pick from best Yercaud hotels.

Also known as poor man’s Ooty, Yercaud is a scenic hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is a premier trekking destination in south India and is a small hamlet patched in the middle of lush greenery. The name of the place signifies a lake in between forest, which is a derivation based on a calm and settled lake in the region set right in the middle of dense woods categorized as jungle. The average elevation of the place is about 1515 meters and consists of striking landscapes that are covered with lush greenery and large coffee and orange estates. The place is distinctively noted for the large coffee and tea estates and the miles long orange cultivated land that fills the entire surrounding with a sweet aroma. It is one of the hills stations in the country that owe the British a lot for their popularity. Not only they popularized the place but they also brought the cultivation of coffee and tea in the region.

Today, Yercaud is a highly tourist-busy place. The unspoiled beauty of the place is simply unparalleled. The old rustic charm of yesteryears still abides in the region and offers an enchanting tour experience. Yercaud hotels come in a large and varied range. There are cottages, guest houses, cheap lodges to luxury hotels. Relishing the best of nature whilst enjoying almost home like hospitality at one of the best hotels in the town is certainly an experience to remember.

For a tourist, there are more than just one or two things to do. Home to some of the most exciting and refreshing trekking trails the place is one of India’s premier trekking destinations. Hiking, nature walk, and cycling in the slopes of the town remain the popular activities. Those who like to relax and enjoy genuine hospitality and appetizing culinary cuisines the place offers a couple of good restaurants where one can gusto a wide range of mouthwatering cuisines along with relishing the best of Tamil Nadu hospitality. Yercaud is abundantly blessed with rich flora and fauna and there is a lot stored for the wildlife lovers. The month of May is one of the most preferred times to visit the place as it is the time in a year when the Summer Festival is celebrated here. The festival is a spectacle that consists of boat race, dog show, fairs, flower display etc. Apart from that tourists also include shopping in their itineraries, although the place is not an exceptional shopping destination. Still one can get a couple of good items, the favorites being skin care products, perfume, natural oil, citrus fruits, freshly packed pouch of coffee, cardamom, and pepper.

While in the town the popular places you should visit include: Loop Road, Yercaud Lake, Pagoda Point, Montfort School, Kiliyur Waterfall, Servarayan Temple, Deer Park, Rose Garden and Silk Farm, Bears Cave, Norton’s Bungalow, Anna Park, Orchidarium, The Grange, and Kottachedu Teak Forest.

Accessing the town is easy. The roads to the place is heavenly and fun. Simply visit the place for a relaxing vacation and pick from the best hotels, the budget hotels in Yercaud being a favorite hotels category amongst the tourists in the town.

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