Estee Lauder Company – A Guide To The Success Factors

Who does not know the name of the Estee Lauder Company today? Everyone does. This Company is one of the top premium cosmetic companies in the world known for its high quality and trust. Thanks to Mrs. Estee Lauder, people across the globe can safely use skin tested and allergy free beauty and cosmetic products. Mrs. Estee Lauder started the Estee Lauder Company with just four products that later became best sellers in the American market. Her products were so successful that within two years she managed to open a departmental store at Saks Fifth Avenue, New York. After that, she never looked back and rose to be the best beauty and cosmetic manufacturer in the USA.

William Lauder is her grandson and like his grandmother he too was passionately involved in the success of the Estee Lauder Company. The William Lauder affair with the Company is a significant chapter that led to its tremendous growth. Thanks to William Lauder, the products reached all four corners of the world. He was in charge of nine major specialty brands of The Estee Lauder Company. Under his inspirational leadership, these brands became best sellers in the American beauty market. Gradually, he started to manage the retail operations and looked after the distribution channels of the Company and its brands. He was the person behind the successful store within a store concept. He was also in charge of the freestanding stores of the Company.

His team building skills were exemplary and he was well loved and respected by his peers. He has an accurate foresight and great business acumen. This is the reason why most of his business strategies helped the Company to move forward and gain international recognition. Today, you will find the Estee Lauder Company products throughout the globe. Being one of the most famous brands, Estee Lauder is the first choice for many. When it comes to buying premium cosmetic products, both men and women prefer this brand.

The William Lauder affair with the Estee Lauder Company is one of the most golden periods of its development. He was a great leader and he managed to make every brand he controlled a global success.

These days we find very few people like William Lauder who go the extra mile just for the sake of a Company. Like Mrs. Estee Lauder, he is a man of potential and a great example to be respected and followed today! Not only in the business world, but for the world at large, William Lauder is an inspiration.

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