Travel Asia With Your Worries At Home

Earth’s largest and most populous continent, Asia is a popular tourist destination for its gorgeous locations. Asia travel insurance is at your service to provide travel coverage specifically for travelers exploring Asia. Coverage is given for all Asian countries except Japan, for which you require an overseas plan.  This plan can be issued to everyone but two basic criterions are:

  • The minimum age of the insured should be 3 months and the maximum age is up to 60 years.
  • The maximum duration of the trip should be not more than 30 days.

The innumerable facilities you can enjoy with this policy are:

Emergency expenses – If you or anyone from your family meets unexpected medical conditions on the trip due to illness, injury or death while, they will be covered by the policy. In case of medical evacuation, or for transporting the remains of the dead body back to its native place, the expenses will be covered by the insurance. Other emergencies include anesthetic treatment of teeth due because of an injury, bodily accidents, compensation for the deceased or the permanently disabled due to an accident and  monetary compensation for a third person in case any involuntarily actions of yours resulted in someone’s demise or caused serious injury or damage to body or property

Coverage for materialistic loss or damage – This includes the cost for obtaining a duplicate or fresh passport if your original is lost, total loss of your checked-in baggage by a mutual carrier, coverage for expenses incurred for the purchase of medication, toiletries and clothing in case luggage has gone missing for more than 12 hours, financial assistance in case of lost travel funds due to robbery

Technical and flight delay expenses – These include the coverage for the expense incurred due to a delay of trip for more than 12 hours in case of natural disasters, airline, personal employment or medical problems, special allowance if your flight is hijacked for over 12 hours.

But just like you cannot travel to all your longed destinations at once, a policy cannot cover all kinds of situations for you. These uncovered situations are – Pre existing illness unless it’s a matter of life and death, suicide, self destruction through injuries and illness, mental imbalance, depression or stress, venereal diseases, drug abuse and HIV/AIDS.

With so many securities at your service, travel only with your luggage and not with your worries!

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