The Branches Of Law

In a nutshell there are more than twenty branches of law. Many of them are considered very minor branches of law. At a grand scale of things there are eleven major branches of law that further include others. If you have been struggling to choose a field of law for your career or to pick a lawyer for a certain matter, following is a distinct division of law:

Labor Law

As the name suggests, this branch of law deals with the matters regarding employers and employees. In order to ensure that the rights of an employer and employee are protected certain rules and regulations have been introduced under this category.

Press Law

When it comes to the media, it is pretty lenient and is allowed to display and talk about several major and minor issues as it pleases. Similar is the case with the printing press department of the media industry. However, in order to maintain decorum, there are certain things that are prohibited. This includes the kind of information that is being printed and guarantees that there is no plagiarism in the content that is being published.

Minor Law

Often certain families undergo divorce and separation. Though the division of property and other assets is taken care of by lawyers and court, the kids are the ones to suffer the division the most. This is especially the case if the child is younger than eighteen years of age because that means the kid is a minor and cannot be permitted to live alone. Exploiting such a child is considered a serious offense and to protect their rights minor laws have been introduced.

Environmental Law

There is a reason why some countries are cleaner than others and if the items being disposed off and the way they are disposed off are kept under check. In order to protect nature to the fullest, it is important that certain environmental laws should be implemented.

Administration Law

This is the law body that ensures that the administrative bodies are functioning the way they should and are following the rules that have been laid out for them. In times of an issue or a dispute, it is the administration law that comes into play.

Criminal Law

As the name suggests, if a crime has been committed that involves murder, theft, or any other violation, the branch of criminal law takes care of the matter.

Property Law

This is a very diverse branch that is used when an individual buys or sells property. Many landowners and buyers can sue or disregard property if it does not follow the rules that are laid out by the law. Similarly, in a more complex side of this law branch, it includes the division of property among children of the deceased. More so, it includes the division of property that is to be done after a divorce or separation.

Civil Law

This is the most basic and often adhered to branch of law. If a case ever arises that does not involve a criminal undertone or matter, is falls under the category of civil law.

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