Why Do We Need Law?

What Is Law?

There are several things that one wishes to do in their life but are either driven away from doing it or make a conscious choice not to do it. The choices made are always based on the farsightedness of how the actions and their choices are bound to impact them. This is something that happens in a more official manner at a grander scale under the banner of law.

Just like a mother ensures her kid does not do a certain thing not because he cannot but because it will damage him, ensures that individuals refrain from carrying out certain activities. These activities may not seem as harmful as they are made out to be, however, careless attitude towards them can lead to severe social, financial and personal sufferings. Hence, law can be defined as the presence of rules and regulations that are essential for individuals to follow to live a peaceful and harmonious personal and public life.

The many major laws that exist within a society include matters like:

  • Traffic laws:

these include everything regarding traffic control, drunk driving, driving under influence, underage driving, breaking traffic signals, over speeding, parking incorrectly and not following the speed limit. The presence of traffic laws ensures that no matter who the individual behind the steering wheel is, they follow the ethics of driving a vehicle on the road. As a result of these laws, property and life damage can be minimized if not prevented completely.

  • Food Laws:

these laws are present to ensure that all the food that is provided both locally and in restaurants is of excellent quality so that the health of the people eating it is not jeopardized. These laws also include food health laws that ensure that all restaurants, hotels, motels, diners and cafes are preparing and storing food in a healthy manner. At grander levels, the plants where the raw material is manufactured for food is also kept under check. The purpose of all of this is to ensure that the food that is being placed on plates at the end of the day is produced healthily.

  • Hospital laws:

these include the issuance of licenses to doctors and nurses to ensure that the treatment they are providing is certified. These figures are very important in every individual’s life at least once in their lifetime. The doctors are responsible to ensure that the treatment is suitable for the patient and the job of the nurses is to follow up with medication and caretaking. Without the presence of laws in this department, not only will unauthorized individuals manipulate their position as doctors but will also jeopardize the lives of the innocent.

Hence, the main purpose of the presence of law in any society is to ensure that the rights of the citizens are protected and that they are kept safe from harm’s way. The concept of law works at minor levels and ensures that the basic rights of individuals are being provided and they are not being discriminated against based on caste, culture, race and financial and social position.

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