Factors That Make Law Important For Society

Law is important for each society because it serves as a code of conduct for the citizens. It provides people with important guidelines required to exist in a harmonious social order. It assists individuals when it comes to following rules laid out by the government. It ensures the smooth running of the general public by implementing a healthy lifestyle as deemed fit by the court and government. It guarantees the implementation of human rights in times of need, thus, ensuring a well-functioning civilization.

Law Prevents Social Conflicts

Presence of law in a society provides the citizens with a basic guideline. It presents the society with a guide book regarding what is and isn’t accepted in a society. It plays a vital role in preventing conflicts between different individuals and communities. The law lays down the truth as it is without siding with one community against another.

Protects The Victims

Several individuals who cannot afford lawyers remain unaware regarding the protection of their own rights. The effective presence of law ensures the protection of such victims by placing criminals behind bars and bringing them to justice. Regardless of an individual’s position within a society, the law declares equality bringing every criminal to their legal fate despite the class they belong to. This honesty of law ensures the protection of even the homeless and the minorities.

Prevents Several Crimes

The mere presence of law instills a great deal of fear within the hearts of the people keeping them away from several crimes. Inevitably this ensures a smooth running crime free society. The law states certain rules regarding how to treat others and how to live a lawful life.

Branches Of Law

There are several branches of law based on the various requirements of individuals, minors, families, men and women. All of these are directed towards ensuring no one’s rights are taken away from them. The presence and implementation of law protects the rights of people in every terrifying and often traumatic situation. The situations include:

  1. Division of property

  2. Matters of divorce and separation

  3. Child custody, guardianship

  4. Matters of foster care

  5. Inheritance of property

  6. Cases of hit and run

  7. Cases of drunk driving

  8. Matters related to rape, murder, theft and kidnapping

  9. Matters related to damage of public property

  10. Basic human rights etc.

Therefore, the presence of law increases the technological, personal, economic, private and scientific progress of a smooth running society. It shapes a society by imparting distinct rules and regulations that lead to a promising future. It is the law that brings about all social and economic changes within a society. It plays a pivotal role in social transformation of the citizens, matters of inequalities, protective measures for minors, homeless, weak, destitute and vulnerable.

Any nation or society cannot be expected to change and head towards a bright future without the proactive and diligent implementation of law. This paired with social cooperation can bring about drastic changes in the social order of a country. Thus you should always follow the Law and be a good citizen.

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