Tips For Pool Safety

            You love your kids, and you love your pool, but quite often, you feel an anxiety when thinking about the both of them in the same sentence.  There’s nothing wrong with that, and you must have a good head on your shoulders when thinking about your children in the pool.  Businesses such as Fort Worth pool service will tell you that a child can drown just by a parent zoning out for a few seconds, so it’s important to consider all of these important safety rules when having kids or even adults in the pool.

            As you may have guessed, the most important rule is to never leave anyone – adult or child – alone in the water.  Disasters can strike in an instant, so it’s important that someone is always there to help if need be.  It’s more important to be the annoying parent than the one who lost someone in the pool because they didn’t want to take the chid with them to go check their email.  On that same note, it’s important that all weak swimmers should wear a life jacket or something else that can keep them floating.  This should not be taken as some sort of lifesaving device, but rather something to help you in an emergency if you need it.

            When someone is serving as a life guard, they should have regularly updated CPR skills, a first aid kit, and a working phone that is kept nearby the phone so that in case of emergency, they are ready to go.  The adult supervisor should be an avid swimmer and be able to stay calm in a panicky situation when more than one person in trouble.  It is also helpful that the person in charge be known to all of the people in the pool as the person in charge, so no time-wasting arguments over whose idea is better will take away from safety.

            In situations involving young children, pool safety becomes harder, as can be imagined. Fort Worth Tx pool builders will agree to the fact that children will simply wander into the pool water without truly understanding what it is or the dangers associated with it.  They’ll wiggle out of open doors and wander into the water, only to get stuck and drown in minutes.  For this reason, you should always keep a lockable cover on the pool, keep the ladder out of reach of children if it is an above ground pool, and make sure that you have four securely fenced walls around the pool so the child can’t get it.

            When children are playing in the pool, make sure that any unused pool toys are kept away from the edge, so no one trips and hurts themselves.  Additionally, there should be regularly replaced non-slip surface on the wet parts of the deck so that everyone is safe.  If you have a slide or jumping board (diving should not be done in household pools unless specifically mentioned in the booklet accompanying your pool, and always check with those such as swimming pool contractors Dallas to make sure), it should be placed in the deep end of the pool and kept safely monitored by another adult or experienced swimmer.  All of those going down the slide so do it feet first and ensure that the water area around the spout of the slide is totally clear.

            If you have a gradient pool, ensure that you put a buoy line across the part where it starts to get deep, so kids know where the safety line is and will stay within the right zone for their protection.  It needs to be checked regularly to make sure it is staying in the same place, and same goes for other parts of the pool, like ladders and rails.  All need to be in top working order and small enough so that a young child can grab hold of the rail in case of emergency.  The filter should be cleaned as ordered for health reasons, and proper sun attire is a must for children and adults both.

            There are many little details that must be taken into consideration for pool safety, and for those who need advice or just want to know more, there is plenty of information available at, so you can rest assured that you know all there is to know about keeping your loved ones safe and cared for.  The articles and information on different pools and safety necessities will help you feel better about your decisions and know that everything is in tip top shape and ready to enjoy.

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