5 New Features Of The Leading Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) That Changes Everything

When looking for an efficient software solution, many things should be asked and considered. Key questions include: Can this solution meet my needs? Does this solution fit into my budget? Will I be able to learn how to use this solution proficiently? And is this solution expandable?

These questions and more should also be asked if you are looking for a customer relationship management software (CRM) for your business. With a long list of different providers and solutions that are out there, the gravity of choosing one shouldn’t be a fickle affair. It should be something that you spend ample time researching before arriving at your conclusion.

As a Forbes article points out, not all customer relationship management software solutions are equal, emphasizing that many systems don’t meet the requirements for the end user and pegging such systems as “terrible.” Naturally, nobody wants to pay money to use a system that does not deliver or meet their needs.

Fortunately, customer relationship management software has come a long way since its inception. These days, a variety of powerful systems are available to end users at competitive prices that make them all worthy of exploring, with many being offered with a trial usage period. To better help you decide, here are five features that the best solutions offer, and that should be included with any solution you are considering.

Social Integration

With social media growing faster than any other online entity, social integration is a must for any good customer relationship management software. Users shouldn’t be forced to have add a separate integration just to get social CRM; it should be included in the solution. If the solution that you are considering does not have social integration, it’s likely being outpaced by competitors that offer a similar priced system that does. So bear this in mind.

Smartphone Integration

Technology is amazing indeed. These days our smartphones can power our cars, can turn on and off lights in our homes, can access our security systems and control them and much more. In light of these findings, smartphones can also integrate with customer relationship management software, too. The best cloud based CRM lets users access their accounts directly from their handset. If you want to be in full control of your operations, this feature is simply must-have.

Software Add-ons

Another element of this software that you should explore are the available add-ons or integrations. The leading customer relationship management software is made better because of the wide array of addable integrations it offers, explains a white paper by TrueShip. For example, you should be able to add your email provider, your accounting software, your analytics and more so that you have real depth with your solution.

Networking Features

Networking is another large feature – but something that is found in most CRM systems these days. With networking, multiple computers and devices can all connect to the CRM in real-time. This allows teams to even enjoy chat and meetings, video meetings and more. It’s a very direct way to personalize the team setting and assure that there’s synergy at all times.

Hosting from the Cloud

One final note is that cloud based CRM is the wave of the future. Now some entities require that you download and use desktop based software. But with cloud hosting you gain several advantages. These include: speed, security, data recovery and efficiency.

Finding a good CRM solution is not impossible. By knowing what to look for in advance, you can streamline your search. Happy hunting!

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