Ideas For Presenting A Homemade Hamper

A beautiful Christmas tree with luxury hampers underneath gives you magical feelings. Christmas is the time of joy, celebration and gifting. Enjoying Christmas with spoiling gifts and hampers from the loved ones is a heaven on earth. But with the Christmas you also see a big load on your budget. You have a big list of family and friends for whom you have to buy gifts. Gifting everyone an expensive gift is not possible. And buying substandard gifts from sale will have a negative impact on your relationship.

The easy yet beautiful way out is making Christmas hampers at home. In this way you will not only save a lot of cash, but also make your loved ones happy. And the beauty of doing it yourself is that you can make it as simple or as luxurious as you like. Everyone will appreciate your efforts for showing love and care. With these homemade hampers you can feel truly smug.

Hampers are a boundless gift. Your imagination and your budget are the limit. You can fill up with anything you want. Here I am not guiding you what to put in it, you can decide it by yourself according to your relationship and liking of the person. Today I will give you some ideas to make your hamper looks good.

Using a Shoe Box:

You can use shoe boxes to make a gift box for your hamper. Buy a glamorous wrapping sheet and cover the shoe box it. There are two ways of doing this.

        1 Remove the cover of the box so that whatever you put would be visible to the recipient.

  1. Cover the box the whole box, giving it that look of a gift box

Using a Cane Basket:

Ideally, when we think about a hamper a cane basket loaded with a lot of stuff came in our mind. An impressive way to present a gift hamper is by using a cane basket. There are a large variety presents in stores. You can also use an old basket from your store room and spray paint it to renew it.

Decorating a Basket:

  • With Net Cloth:

The way you present and decorate a basket depict your love and care. There are some simple ways to make you can basket looks more appealing.

Take net cloth, cut the cloth in equal sizes and tie knots of it on the basket as shown in the picture.

  • With Flowers:

Plug some flowers from the garden or buy some artificial flowers. Arrange the flowers around the basket and it will add a royal touch you your hamper.

These baskets can be used for gifting by hand and also by post. Make Christmas hamper delivery UK to your loved ones using homemade baskets and make a lasting impression.

Use Cellophane:

Using colored cellophane will gives your hamper a more finished look and a sophisticated appeal. For a professional finish you can use a hair dryer to blow-dry the shrink wrap onto the basket – it is best to start from the bottom and work your way up to the top. You will know your hamper is finished when the cellophane is taut. A ribbon around the middle makes a nice finishing touch and will also keep presents in place.

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