Reviews of Top Australian Writers

Reading reviews of top Australian writers and their best works will help you get access to some of the best reads available on the shelves. These reviews will allow you to get a quick insight into the best sellers of our times, and of all times. So check out this little guide on the top 10 best reviews of australian writers and their amazing novels.

  1. Thea Astley- “It’s Raining in Mango”- The book is about gold digging in the mud, the book is a beautiful reflection of Australia’s heritage and the problems of Aboriginal dispossession. The tale happens in 19h century Sydney, and Thea Astley beautifully narrates an outstanding story of win and loss, hopes and expectations, as seen through the eyes of Cornelius Laffey, the main character. Definitely a good read!
  2. Christos Tsioklas – “The Slap”– what is the psychological effect of a slap given to a child on a family barbecue party? Intertwining family stories, secrets coming alive, modern family issues…this book is a true revelation of life of the modern family in suburban Australia. Extremely provocative, to the point of irritation.
  3. Norman Lindsay’s “The Magic Pudding” one of the best reviewsa fantastic tale and exploration of the Magic Pudding which has been cooked first in 1918. A book filled with the adventures of a koala named Bunyip Bluegum and his friends, this is a “savory” adventure tale for children. Suitable for kids 8+ years old. Within the book there are many beautiful and funny illustrations that will help kids visualize the entire adventure inamagical manner.
  4. Mathew Reilly- “Ice Station”-an enigmatic story of adventure and discovery. The story takes place in frozen Antarctica, where a group of scientists discover something buried deep into the layers of ice. It is a precious discovery…but will it unite or separate the unit? Read it to find out. Science fiction beautifully blended with mystery and adventure.
  5. Andrew McGahan- “Praise”- the book is a revelation on how it felt like to be a teenager in the 1990s Australia. This is a very sincere revelation, seasoned with many humorous tales that will enchant people from 15 to 95. A book where the society conventionsare highly questioned.
  6. Sonya Hartnett- “Butterfly”- a brilliant book on the journey of a 14 year old teenager called Plum. Her life is going to change forever, some people teach her “how to fly” while others are looking to “cut off her wings”. A story of ups and downs, hope, love, friendship and…enemies.
  7. Caroline Overington – “I Came to Say Goodbye”- the story is about a young woman’s decision to enter the newborn section of the hospital, grab a newborn, put the baby into a shopping bag, then get out in the parking lot and drive off with the baby. This is a story of love and redemption, family mysteries and hope. Short book reviewslike this will make you want toread the story as soon as possible…
  8. Kylie Ladd- “Last Summer”- a beautifully crafted novel focusing on loss, grief, love and family. What happens when tragedy falls upon one of the best looking, charismatic, perfect husband and father? The perfect story of today’s marriages, today’s friends, and today’s suburban lives in Australia.
  9. Belinda Alexandra- White Gardenia– Cold War Soviet Russia in the 60s, a beautiful blond woman Alina Kozlova, nightclubs in glamorous Shanghai…what all these do have in common? A fantastic tale of war, survival, motherly love and sacrifices. Wonderfullyput together by writer Belinda Alexandra.
  10. Christina Stead- The Man Who Loved Children– you will find several brilliant reviewsonline about this book. This is a story of a family trying to make a living, with just too many children around thehouse. A narcissist husband, a frustrated mother, loud children…what story is to come out of it? It is a masterpiece on family life, tough decision making, relations gone wrong between children and parents, husbands and wives.

Theseare the 10 best recommendations on top Australian novels you should definitely not miss this summer. Which one caught your attention first?

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