How To Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner Running

If you look after your vacuum cleaner, you can get years, even decades, of use out of it. Here are our top tips for maintaining your vacuum.

Read the Manual

The first step is always to read the manual. Understanding your appliance is an important first step to looking after your cleaner. After reading the manual, you will know how to use your vacuum correctly and will not inadvertently do things with it that could cause it to breakdown.

Empty the Cleaner Regularly

The vast majority of vacuum cleaner issues are caused by people not emptying the bag or dust receptacle regularly enough. If you wait until you lose suction before emptying the bag you will have problems because, dust, hair and dirt will backup into the pipe work. Once that happens it can be difficult to get it all out and get your vacuum working properly again.

Change the Filters Regularly

Changing the filters is an important step that many users forget. Once the filters become blocked airflow is impaired. This makes it more likely that the machine will overheat and breakdown.

Get it Serviced Regularly

Certain parts, such as brushes and belts, need to be replaced on a regular basis by a professional. Getting your cleaner serviced regularly ensures these tasks are done as they should be.

What to do if your Cleaner Breaks Down

No matter how well you look after your cleaner at some point it is going to breakdown. When that happens don’t just stick it in the bin and buy a new one. The price of vacuum cleaner repairs means that it is often considerably cheaper to get your cleaner repaired rather than buy a new one.

Even if you do not have a vacuum cleaner repairer in your area, this is not a problem. There are now several firms out there that will give you a quote online and let you courier your machine to them. When the repair is done, they will send it back to you. The fact that they use couriers on a regular basis means that they get big discounts from couriers, so the cost of postage is extremely low.

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