High Quality Airport Parking Services

With more people flying all over the world for business and pleasure, quality airport parking is essential. Fliers need to know their vehicle will be safe and secure in their absence. When they return, they expect to find the car or truck just as they left it, without damage or problems.

However, there are now adelaide airport parking options that not only protect a vehicle while the owner is away, but also offer cleaning and repair services to have the vehicle in tip top condition on the traveler’s return. Of course, these services are optional, and they cost an additional fee. But they can be tremendous time savers and save the flier money when the car is cleaned or fixed during the traveler’s absence.

Here are some of the most important airport parking features and services that most travelers are looking for when they leave their vehicles in adelaide airport parking areas.


Auto protection is the most important aspect of airport parking that travelers want. They need to be sure their car or truck will be safe from vandals or thieves. Airports provide this protection in various ways. Some offer both under-cover and outdoor parking spots. A long-term parking garage helps to protect vehicles from harsh weather, flying debris on windy days, and air pollutants that can settle on the car’s surface areas.

Security areas are typically surveyed through onsite camera monitors around the clock. Alternately, professionally-trained security professionals will patrol the parking areas to keep an eye on the parked vehicles. Some lots are surrounded by fences of different types, like a chain link fence, for example. These are locked and can only be entered with passcode enabled access or a paid parking receipt.


A shuttle service to the terminal is a valuable and expected service. A uniformed driver who is prompt and courteous can drive travelers to and from the airport terminal. The shuttle limousine may be called when needed by travelers from a phone connection in the parking area.

Car Cleaning

A car cleaning service may be available onsite for fliers who want to return to a neat and tidy vehicle. Levels of car cleaning may include an exterior wash, an interior cleaning and vacuuming, polishing the paint, scrubbing the interior fabric on seats and carpets, and possibly minor repairs of stains or scratches.


A range of vehicle problems can be addressed by onsite qualified technicians who are certified to do many kinds of repairs. A simple oil change for maintenance saves the traveler time that would have to be spent getting it done elsewhere. Checking tire pressure and rotating the tires, adjusting belts, changing burned-out light bulbs, adding operating fluids, and related inspections and repairs can be handled by the competent crew who will have the work done by the time the traveler returns.


Travelers should compare airport parking fees based on the type of services requested. Another consideration if flier frequency. Membership discounts and multi-service deals may be available to those who fly more than once a year, for example. Some airport parking service companies offer a free carwash after paying for eight. Frequent fliers can rack up savings when they take advantage of membership offers.

Corporate clients can save money, too, especially for more than one company car or client. When a corporate car frequently utilises airport parking, the company will save more money with additional discounts. A business with several employees that travel throughout the year can use airport parking fees and services may be eligible for a tax deduction as well. An individual or company membership can be a valuable part of the travel budget.

Busy people whose vehicles need maintenance or repair can take advantage of services like these to have the car ready to go when they return from their trip. With added parking membership discounts on car washes, maintenance services, and repair work, the savings may be substantial.

Airport parking is more than leaving a car in a public parking space. It can be a valuable support service for people with want their vehicles protected and cared for during their travels. Convenient online booking options and travel agency coordination round out the full range of travel-related benefits that a professional airport parking service can offer. Along with addressing technical issues related to long-term parking and car care, a professional parking service also reduces a traveler’s anxiety and lowers costs to promote a more positive and worry-free travel experience.

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