Growth Prospects For Data Center Racks Market

The Data Center Racks Market is the fastest growing sector within the IT Data Center markets. This article examines the growing trends in the sector. While the overall growth of Data Center infrastructure has moderated over the past few years, one area which is experiencing accelerating growth and development is the area of IT Racks and Enclosures.

According to EnterpriseTech, Data Center Edition, the market for Data Racks is projected to rise at a modest rate of 2.9 percent in 2015 which works out to a growth rate of 4.4 percent

Another IT expert, George Leopold see the Data Racks market as the brighter side of the data center business currently. George described Data Racks as the Skeleton of Data Centers. His position was also supported by HIS analyst Sarah McElroy. According to her, the growth going on now in the Data Center Rack market and Enclosures market is being stimulated by increased use of Cable Management in addition to passive airflow accessories.

Data Center Market Dominance 

There are additional reasons why the Data Center Racks market continues to dominate the IT sector market. In 2014, the Data Rack and Enclosures market accounted for a whopping 86% growth rate as a percentage of all IT units shipped during the year of 2014. The exponential growth and market share enjoyed by the Rack market is also being fueled by features such as better cable management as well as better airflow. Another supportive factor in Data Racks’ lion share of the IT market comes from its extraordinary security features and enclosures.

IT spending according to another IT market watcher Gartner Inc continues to shift as more business transform their operations from traditional on-site operations to hyper scale data centers.

Uses of Data Center Racks 

Data Racks are used in Data Centers operations for safeguarding very important IT functions and equipment. They have multiple uses and purposes. In addition Data Racks are also used:

  • For Storage functions-Data racks provides a great storage capacity for important company’s equipment and other IT gadgets
  • Cooling Effect- Some of the racks have in-built enclosures which can provide cooling effects
  • Power Supply-They can also be used as an alternative power source if need be.
  • Could be used to manage IT components and applications more efficiently.
  • It’s pre-configured enclosures enable operators to easily select their desired ideal IT solution for applications.

The Racks and enclosures market makes it easier to manage a broad range of rack accessories such as cable management or for executing important IT obligations such as networking. They are also used for power distribution and for equipment mounting when such need arises. Additionally Data Racks markets have also boosted the overall data center management obligations by enhancing more security through some of the provisions in the enclosures.

New Data Rack Trends 

From all indication the Rack market is expanding in several ways. New racks are being equipped with more options to aid the growing cable management applications. More wider and taller racks are being introduced to accommodate more servers and switches, and increased custom configuration options for the DC facility. The future is very bright for the data racks and enclosures sector.

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