Why Home Whitening Kits Are Not Safe?

Before, having exceptional white teeth was only available to those who can afford the expensive procedure. Professional cosmetic dentistry has become affordable and accessible to those who want to have the most beautiful smile today. If you want to whiten your teeth at home, there are kits that can help you do so. Home teeth whitening kits are being purchased every year. They are easy to use and answer the demand of people for whiter teeth. However, are these over the counter whitening kits really safe?

Using whitening kits at home is just like having cosmetic dentistry done professionally. Both have the same goal, but over the counter kits are modulated versions of the in-office process. Whitening procedures depend on a bleaching agent to get rid of deep stains that have amassed and hardened not just on the teeth’s surface, but also inside the crevices and micro fissures that have formed on the enamel. Hydrogen peroxide is usually used as a bleaching agent.

Over the counter kits contain less bleaching agent as large quantities of this compound can cause risks in unsupervised circumstances. This is the reason why it’s important to follow the instructions and use the product in the recommended time of application only.

Most whitening kits need several applications before you get the results you’re after. The number of kits and duration of application depend on the level of staining you have in your teeth and how many shades you want your teeth to be whiter. If whitening your teeth by one shade or two is what you want, you may get the results you’re after within a week. It may take a month if you prefer higher shade differences.

However, there are some situations and factors where home teeth whitening may not be worth it. It’s not even recommended for some people as they can be dangerous. People with gum problems and cavities must have their problems treated first or the risk of developing an infection is very high. The procedure is also not recommended to those who are allergic to hydrogen peroxide. Pregnant women are not advised to go through any tooth whitening process. If they swallow the compound, it can create a bad effect to their unborn child.

If you have a crooked row of teeth, you may not obtain the results of even whiteness you’re after. Another disadvantage with home teeth whitening kits is that if you don’t follow the instructions properly, you may not get the lighter results that you want or even go past the shade advised for you. So, before even thinking of getting courier services to have a teeth whitening product sent to you or to a family member, consider these things first.

Many people believe that whitening products like whitening mouthwash and toothpaste are enough to do the job. These products may have a bleaching agent, but the amount is extremely small compared to the quantity available in over the counter teeth whitening kits.

While they may eliminate some of the stains on the surface, they won’t be strong enough for more serious cases. These products are ideal for maintaining teeth that are already whitened and extending its condition.  Whitening strip kits and trays are the better choice if you’re after a more effective teeth whitening procedure at home.

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