Amazing Good Night Messages That You Can Never Go Wrong With

A good night SMS message is supposed to crown your day and make you feel special, also when you send it to someone else it is supposed to make them feel good about themselves and it should make a bright day end in a brighter way, or a dreary day to look like the moon and the sun have been used to bring sunshine at night.Here are some of good night SMS messages that can be used in various relationships:

(1) From a friend to a friend:–You have been the only one who has ever known how to get me, put a smile on my face and make feel better than myself. I am wishing you an splendid night so that you wake up being that wonderful being in my life.-When you sleep tonight know that a special someone is thinking about you, good night.-If today was a good day, tonight will be a better time and tomorrow a greater day, good night, sleep well.-Have a peaceful night, that is my wish to you.-May you sleep and dream with all the angels, you being one of them. Good night.

2) Between siblings:–Before you sleep, know that you are the greatest sister of all I wish you a marvelous night filled with beautiful dreams like you – You are the best brother of all times. Thanks for always being there. Night- Bro, sleep tight and a dreamless night is cool, goodnight.-Good night little sis, don’t wake up grumpy but with a smile as cute as you.

3) Between lovers – As certain as the sun rises from the east and the moon follows the sun, is the certainty of my love for you, good night.- With every even breathe you take while you sleep, is the exact same way I love you, with no stops. Sleep well-There is no rhyme or reason for you to take me as I am, but you have done that and showed me the excitement of being loved and appreciated.

I give you my all and more Good night-Dream of angels and you as one of them since you are my angel, good night.- Close your eyes and feel my tender touch, take a breath and inhale the essence of my love for you, sleep well and feel the warmth from my heart to you, have a wonderful night.-Tonight, know that someone adores you and will wish nothing but to cover you with security blanket that can never change and that is the tender love from me to you, good night.-Let the thought of me bring you a smile when you drift to sleep, comfort because your heart is mine and better dreams because I adore you good night-Know that you are cherished, thought of and that you fill up my days and night, and have an extremely good night.-You have been my precious light, you have been my solid rock and firm foundation, you have been there at all times and I could never ask for a better half, good night.

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