10 Important Habits To Develop In New Year

Habits can be very destructive things, but you may create positive habits that you can use to better yourself. It may seem farfetched to have a positive habit, but the truth is that you have them already. There are things you do on a routine basis, such as cleaning, that you do routinely out of habit. All you have to do to create a positive habit is to do them repeatedly over a long period of time until “not” doing them makes you uncomfortable. If you start to feel uncomfortable for not doing something then you have your addiction, so make sure you keep your addictions to positive things.

1 – Learn to Laugh

“Laugh, and the world laughs with you;: Weep, and you weep alone.” Clearly, Ella Wheeler Wilcox never went to a funeral. It certainly isn’t a place to try your newest standup material.

2 – Wash your Pots After you have Eaten

At the very least you should put them in the dishwasher. Leaving them out means that they stack up and a minor inconvenience becomes a bigger one. If you are clever then you will clear and clean as you go, and if you are even smarter still you will have a dishwasher you can load up before you eat your meal. Washing the pots is a horrible chore, which is why people put it off, but if you can do it as a habit then you will not even notice you are doing it.

3 – Exercise Three Per Week

This is just a common sense habit. Really it should be three times per week for twenty minutes per session, but you are not training to become the next hulk so twice per week will suffice.

4 – Self Audit your Health

This means taking a good hard look at yourself and your level of fitness and figuring out what needs to change. Can those aches and pains be fixed? Are that there due to the way you sit, drive, or walk? Are you eating too many trans-fats? Are your gums still bleeding?

5 – Teach yourself Error Reduction

Ask yourself, will there be a problem and how can I fix it. Generate this sort of attitude so that it happens all the time and your life will get a lot easier. It means doing things such as not putting a birthday cake on your car seat, but instead putting it in a secured box in your car boot. Look for potential errors and mistakes in your daily life and eliminate them one by one.

6 – Stand and Sit with Correct Posture

Most people have learned the habit of bad posture, so a good habit to get into is sitting and standing correctly. It will do your health and your self-esteem some favors. You can find plenty of lessons on posture on the Internet. Look for posture cheats where they give you easy-to-do exercises to help improve your posture.

7 – Learn how to Self-examine and Fix your Speech

Self-examination is all about holding up a mirror to your life and seeing what is wrong. Your speech is probably wrong, so learn when to use “anything” and when to use “nothing,” because you are probably using “nothing” more often than you should. You should also remove the word “like” from your vocabulary completely to be on the safe side.

8 – Become an Efficiency Expert

You can become an expert on your own efficiency. If you see a problem, you fix it by becoming more efficient. You purposefully take time to make all you do more efficient and energy saving. It seems like a boring thing to do, but it may help to improve your life if you become good at it. It also extends into everything, from driving to work to buying Velcro sneakers that you do not have to lace up.

9 – Self Audit your Hopes, Dreams, Career and Life

Do this every now and again so that you know what you are doing in your life and where you are going. The longer you leave it then the worse you feel about it. It is awful to sit down one day and realize you have been doing nothing with your life for a long time without realizing it. Just surviving is too little these days. You can do more, and you will do more if you frequently take stock of your dreams, hopes and ambitions.

10 – Do your Most Boring Work First

This will help to get the proceedings moving a little quicker and you will be able to finish a little quicker. If you leave the worst to last then the last slog through your work is the hardest part of all. Just get the boring stuff done first at the point where you have the most enthusiasm.

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