Form Your Own Style

Clothes are just another way to express yourself and your individuality, so if you think about it this way it seems silly to copy someone’s style completely. If you imagine a world in which everyone would dress the same it’s easy to realize how boring it would be. Not to say that you should always judge a book by its cover but clothes do give you an insight into how someone thinks. But style is not just about clothes, you need to know yourself and what you want to portray to make the style work.

Time to Clean the Closet

Take a good look at your wardrobe and pick out pieces that you might want to wear, that flatter your body and make you smile. Any oversized, small and old clothes should be thrown out because they fill up your closet and give you the illusion that you have a lot of clothes. A good rule is to throw away any clothes you haven’t worn in the last six months, if they are not seasonal clothes like sweaters, chances are you probably won’t miss them.

Look for Ideas

Before you go shopping think about what kind of image you want to portray. Think about your fashion role models and what about them inspires you. Also, you can look for ideas in magazines or watch TV to find something that catches your eye. You can also be a bit bold and include subcultures in to your clothes. For example, if you like steampunk you could include accessories that remind you of the progressive style. Find an image and look for way to express it through clothes by mixing and matching different pieces and styles.


Being aware of your shape and embracing it is another key to a successful outfit. Many have an unrealistic image of themselves thinking that they are bigger in certain areas then they actually are. To conquer this, simply take you measurements to see what your shape is and find ways to enhance your beauty. For example, finding a dress that will flatter your figure can be very difficult because even if you look for the right dress style it can still look unflattering. Go online and look for advice on what types of dresses flatter your figure and you can also browse through dresses online to get an idea what to look for.

Accessorizing is Key

It is essential to remember that bags, jewelry and shoes can make or break and outfit. The right kind of bulky necklace can liven up your outfit, while the right type of earing can enhance your eyes. You can add colorful scarfs to your outfit to make it pop and seem interesting. As far as shoes go, make sure you get quality ones, they may cost more but they will last longer and keep your feet dry.


When you actually do hit the stores self-control is important. Think about it, you don’t what to spend money on clothes you will never wear or ones that don’t go with anything in your closet. Whenever you are thinking about buying a new piece ask yourself these questions: ’Where can I wear this?’, ‘Do I have anything that goes with this’, and ‘Does this suit my personality?’

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