Why We Should Prepare And Eat More Slow Food?

Fast food has become an important phenomenon and many people around the world are familiar with it. On the other hand, slow food is associated more with traditional food, that’s cooked more slowly. Fast food is originally considered as an alternative in our fast-paced lifestyle, but there are consequences we should consider. Fast food is any meal that can be prepared quickly, such as sandwiches, fried chicken, potatoes and burgers. Not all fast foods are unhealthy, but not many people prefer to eat salads, fruit juices, fresh juices and vegetables.

Slow food is cooked more slowly and it focuses on local produce and traditional cooking methods. It is also about sharing our enjoyment on the table with the rest of the family. Preparing slow food can feel less practical, but there are many benefits of slow food that can help nurture our mind and body.

It is obvious that fast food is much easier to get due to rapid preparation process. In addition, they are admittedly very tasty and we could get the “supersize” portion simply by asking for it, instead of preparing it. This is one reason why fast food contributes significantly to obesity problems, as well as diabetes and hypertension.

Because fast food is often eaten by people who are in a hurry, it is unlikely that we will eat t slowly. On the other hand, slow food is more associated with special events, where people share a conversation and take time to relax. The enjoyment of having slow food can extend well after we eat it. Slow food is also often the freshest available local ingredients and we have peace of mind realizing that we get food only with very high nutritional values.

Because people eat slowly, slow food can aid people who have weight loss. If we eat more slowly, we will spend more time eating and we will be more aware when we finally feel fuller.

Eating could feel much more enjoyable because we can share slow food to others. Once again, mealtimes are the moment where people gather and strengthen their bonds. This ensures closer relationships with family members and friends. By eating slower, we can experience more taste. Fast food is simply intended to be eaten much more quickly and we could benefit from the concentrated flavours.

The taste in our mouth will last longer and the food will be much more satisfying. Slow food is often packed with natural flavours and we are likely to eat it in more relaxing surroundings.

When we eat slow food, we should make sure that we are surrounded in a relaxing environment. This should help us to experience more aromas, textures and flavours in our food. We could also gain more appreciation of our slow food. Many people are reluctant to choose slow food because they take longer to prepare. To address this issue, we could prepare the ingredients when we have spare time. This means, we no longer need to wash, peel and cut ingredients when we are about to cook our meal.

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