When The Sun Goes Away, It’s Time To Party and Play!

When The Sun Goes Away, It’s Time To Party and Play!

It is quite like Batman – hard-working and striving by day and turning into a totally strong being by night. The city undergoes a total transformation as the electric lights are turned on. The reputation of Bangalore also precedes itself when it comes to bars, pubs, discotheques and partying. The recently extended deadline has also brought much cheer to the people of this metro. Here is what the night life is all about.

The Pubs and the Bars

Liquor flows quite freely in the town within the walls of the many pubs and bars. The best of the drinks are available at these locations. If you prefer cocktails and mixed drinks, there are superbly trained bartenders who can live up to your expectations. There are so many bars and pubs in india that it would not be possible to even cover all of them in an entire week of pub hopping. The food served here is not bad either.

The Clubs, the Discotheques and the Music

The metro is figuratively a dreamland of clubs. Clubbing is a highly sought after activity here. The clubs and discotheques feature amazing DJ’s who are internationally acclaimed. Whatever be your taste, House, Trance, Dubstep, Progressive, Hardstyle, or even home grown Bollywood, you’ll find them here. DJ’s here know how to read the pulse of the crowd and they set the dance floor on fire, every single night. As always, the booze and the grub are of exquisite taste.

The Crowd and the Atmosphere

The people are well known to be large-hearted. They have welcomed people, culture and cuisines from all over the world with open arms. This attitude can be clearly seen being reflected in the crowd, as well. The people inside the clubs and discos know how to enjoy and live it up. You know that you are living in the moment when you’re at a party here. The atmosphere is buzzing with excitement and passion. The magical crowd here is the true hero of the party. No party, if there is no hip crowd.

The Overall Experience

The amazing thing about that people living here still find refreshingly new secrets every single day. Every spot offers a mind-blowing experience and no two venues are the same. There are a myriad of ways you can go around the city and explore a new places known for nightlife. There are all kinds and types of establishments, which cater to a wide variety of tastes. The overall experience of nightlife in india leaves you mesmerized.

The nightlife is legendary and people come here from all corners of the country just to experience it. Don’t miss out on the night time festivities that the city offers. These hotspots are always brimming with excitement and always have room for one more.

Author: The author is a well-travelled blogger and writer and love to write on the most happening places in the country. Occasionally his pieces appear at eventshigh.

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