Tracking Competition through Facebook Pages to Watch

With the rapidly increasing number of businesses adopting Facebook, the social marketing strategies are getting complex. You might Buy Targeted Facebook Fans or get paid advertisements but that may not enough anymore if you don’t know how to take maximum advantage out of this marketing medium. The competition between businesses on Facebook is cut throat and you need to understand your competitors. Facebook just like everything else understands this need and offers you the Facebook Pages to Watch option which is utilized by very few. This feature allows you to monitor the activity, engagement and audience growth of other pages so you can compare it with your own page. It allows you to understand the strategies working for your competitors which you can adopt.

By watching the posts by different pages and the resulting engagement, you can tailor your own marketing strategy better. You do not necessarily have to watch your competitors; you can also watch famous pages on Facebook and understand their strategy. This feature does not even require liking the page you want to watch. You need to have at least 100 fans before you can access this feature.

With Pages to Watch you can understand the general engagement trends on and off your Facebook pages. For example if photo updates get more engagement on pages you can increase the number of photo updates on your Facebook page. Similarly if posts with minimum text get more activity, you can ensure posting to-the-point updates. It can also help you solve the dilemma of posts frequency for your page. You can observe the frequency of posts on other similar pages and the resulting engagement. You will still need to experiment on your page to find if that frequency works for your page too.

While the insights overview page provides you with the total likes, number of posts and engagement etc, for finding specific posts that are doing well you will have to do some work on your own. Facebook provides you Top Posts from Pages to Watch option, which allows you to see the top five posts from the pages you are watching. You can click on these posts and see the exact number of comments, likes and shares. This information is valuable as you get to know the best performing content and tailor your content accordingly.

Facebook Pages to Watch is a brilliant tool by Facebook, and it can really help business pages tailor their content to get better engagement.

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