How Can The Perfect Organic Mattress Change The Way You Sleep?

How Can The Perfect Organic Mattress Change The Way You Sleep?

The best mattresses not only help you sleep well, but they also provide wholesome care for your health. A great bed understands your body, and it knows how to relax every muscle. Mattresses are the secret to a fresh start every day.

We always pick organic fruits and vegetables. We opt for meat that does not have added hormones. We drink water that does not have additives. We choose clothes that are natural and organic. So why not pick a mattress that is organic as well? When you sleep, you breathe in material that comes from the bedding and reaches you through the sheets. Organic mattresses have a natural healing quality that can relieve pain and restore energy night after night.

Here are the top 5 tips from the industry leaders to help you choose the right organic mattress:

Pick only organic fabrics

Know for sure that the commercial standard organic cotton cover has polyester fill inside with unbleached cotton on the back. Always check the manufacturer policy thoroughly and check the model to pick one with 100% organic make. Pure organic cotton mattresses can be quite steep, but if you use a promo code, you can get premium king size and queen size mattresses for a steal.

You can find organic latex!

There are quite a few varieties of latex doing their rounds in the industry today – synthetic, blended, natural and certified organic. The last two are the best choices especially if you are pregnant or picking the mattress for a child. All these variants are very durable.

Wool is not a natural fire retardant

Although, most manufacturers will try to tell you that wool is a natural flame retardant. In reality, wool does burn. Companies add chemical retardants to impart the quality to the wool batting on top of the latex. If you are picking a mattress with wool top, you are exposing yourself to chemicals. The best solution is to avoid all kinds of fiberfill and batting for mattresses.

The dreadful secret of spring mattresses

Springs are usually high tensile steel. Metals are excellent conductors, just like the radio and TV antennas back in the day. When you are sleeping on a spring coil mattress with your mobile phone beside your pillow, the mobile phone is using these springs as signal amplifiers. We all know the effects the mobile radiations have on our health and their impact on the environment. Now, imagine the same, only with about hundred times the amplification, each night.

Choose hypoallergenic materials

Organic does not mean allergens all the way. Some materials do not elicit allergic reactions, yet provide comfortable support for your back and limbs. Not all natural materials support the growth of microbes or accumulation of dust. All you need to do is have a detailed discussion with the representative about your allergies before your purchase.

A good sleep can decide the outcome of the day, and a mattress will determine how you sleep. You need to take some time, carry out conclusive research and find out which bed will be the best for you and your family.

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