How To Get Freesat Channels And The Irish DTT Using A Single Satellite Receiver

How To Get Freesat Channels And The Irish DTT Using A Single Satellite Receiver

With the upcoming launch of the new DTT (Digital Terrestrial) TV in Oct 2010, it’s about the time to explain all the elements needed to make a switch to the newly introduced digital TV system as well as the Freesat channels.

DTT Boxes and Services

RTENL, that is responsible for creating the new DTT Irish network have decided to introduce some quality to their new system. They did this with creating Saroview, which is an Irish equivalent to the Freeview which is used in the UK. At this, no available receivers support Saorview, but they will as the time passes. Here are some of the requirements for the new system. It will be:

MPEG2/4: the DTT will be backward compatible.

MHEG5 software: This software will serve to support the boxes interactive services.

There are a couple of reasons why there are so few boxes on the market right now that fit Irish requirements.

The first reason would be that Ireland is a small market, which is not very appealing from the R&D spend perspective. By now, the majority of countries in EU are using the MPEG2. There are a couple of countries that use the MPEG4, like Greece and Portugal, but this is only in small numbers. At this time, the primary and the best available receiver is the Triax TR110. It is amongst the more popular DTT receivers with the Standard definition. A good alternative is the 7 Day EPG. the model performs well and has the RF out, which allows you to loop the output of the device to other rooms. It also has a loop through to be used for analogue channels.

Available channels include RTE 1  and 2, TV3 as well as the RTE News and TG4.

Satelite receivers

The issue with the TR110 is that it requires a separate satellite system. It is needed to receive channels aired on Freesat, like sky news, Channel 4, ITV, BBC,1,2,3,4 and other. This is a serious drawback since it means that you will need to have 2 boxes and remotes, and you won’t be getting PVR or HD facilities, which allow you to rewind or pause live TV.

A solution with a single box: DTT and Combo Satelite receivers

The DTT receiver, combined with the Edison Argus 2 in 1 offers a great solution since the box has the full package:

Both inputs fr Satelite Dish and DTT, which means that all of your channels will show on a single line up. The box handles both Standard definition and the HD transmissions, and the added hard drive of 250 MB will allow you to record and pause TV. the combo also comes with the important IP port.

Once you have your UHF TV Aerial and the Satelite Dish set up, you will be able to use the Edison combo receiver to enjoy both Irish DTT, as well as the Freesat channels. A drawback with this one is that then you will not be able to view Satelite channels while you are recording Irish channels and the other way around. However, you will be able to watch one DTT channel and record another at the same time.

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