Enjoying Summer With A Roof Lantern In Your Conservatory

Summertime is here! Well, we’re enjoying the odd heat wave and bright days, but these few months in the UK when the weather does get better are to be enjoyed as and when it happens. With that in mind you always have to be prepared to make the most of the good weather, and one way you can increase the enjoyment levels in your home is to install a roof lantern in your conservatory in order to bring more light to an already relaxing space.

When the sun is out and shining we all want to make the most of it, being outdoors as often as we can and soaking up the rays. This can’t be permanent of course and every day there will be plenty of time when we have to be indoors and at home. It could be that you spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and preparing meals, studying or working on projects inside the house. If you know the weather is glorious outside and you are stuck indoors, that’s no fun is it?!

Installing a roof lantern in your conservatory can ease those woes and bring a little bit more of the sunshine and outside joy, into your home.

Bring More Natural Light Inside 

By incorporating a glass roof into your conservatory or flat roof extension you can enjoy the longer, brighter days even if you have to be inside at home. A glass pane on a roof will bring in a higher quality of light than that which comes through old polycarbonate roofs and you can also choose options that reduce glare or UV-rays.

Improve the House Aesthetic 

An old conservatory with plastic sheeting and frame looks nowhere near as appealing as a clear glass roof lantern atop a conservatory roof. Your conservatory or orangery will look so much sleeker and elegant with a roof lantern attached.

Energy Efficient 

The wrong type of conservatory design can lead to the space becoming uncomfortably hot during warm weather and freezer cold in winter. A roof lantern can be designed and installed to utilise glass that controls the temperature of the room. Solar glass reduced heat gain in the summer, without reducing the amount of natural sunlight flooding the room, whilst minimising the loss of heat in the winter months.

Cut Out the Noise 

A conservatory can be very noisy when it is raining (a lot of the summer months in the UK it rains!). A glass roof lantern provides that buffer against noise pollution in much the same way as double-glazing, creating a calm and relaxing space for you to read or chill out when the weather is bad outside.

As you can see there are a few benefits to installing a glass roof lantern to your conservatory or flat roof extension. No matter the weather you can really enjoy that extra space this summer time, with a roof lantern that brings you extra light and breathing space.

Content Written By Thomas Declan

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