Getting Into The CBD Industry? Tools For Growing and Selling Your Own Cannabis

Growing and processing industrial hemp, also called cannabis, is now legal across the country. As a result, farmers and even amateurs have the opportunity to grow this high-profit crop. However, before you get started, there are a few tools you’ll need to get.

Permits and Licenses

While growing CBD cannabis is legal in many states, you will need the proper permits and licenses to do so. The cannabis industry has more regulations than you can imagine, and the licensing for a cannabis business is complex. Also, regulations vary from state to state, and also vary depending on the business category; for example, growing cannabis vs. selling the end product.

The first tool you will need in your cannabis growing toolbox is a lawyer familiar with the legalities in your area. Before you plant a single seed, have all of your paperwork in order.

A Greenhouse

Most cannabis growers choose to plant indoors. Your greenhouse must be equipped with the right lighting, as well as a temperature and humidity gauge. Successfully cultivating cannabis requires an optimum growing environment. Your plants will need specific lighting, humidity, and temperature range to thrive and produce the best buds.


Your cannabis plants will need the right nutrients to thrive and produce the best product. Organic fertilizers will not only produce the safest and healthiest cannabis, but you will also be able to command a premium price. Greenhouse growers generally use liquid fertilizers mixed in with the water for the plants, one or two times per week.

Plant Sex ID Kit

As you may know, the female cannabis plants comprise the cash crop. Some states limit the number of plants that can be cultivated, which makes culling the male plants important. A plant sex ID kit can sex your plants within two weeks of germination, making culling male plants more efficient.

Cannabis Packaging Machines

Once your plants are ready for harvest, they will need to be packaged. Cannabis packaging machines, such as those offered by Phoenix Engineering and other companies, encompass machines to weigh, bag, and label your bud. If you choose to sell CBD pre-rolls, there are even cannabis packaging machines for that. Finally, if you are making your own CBD oils, there are also bottling machines.

In general, cannabis is a hardy, versatile, rewarding, and easy-to-grow plant. However, the legalities can be very complex. Before you jump into growing cannabis for CBD, do your due diligence so that you fully understand all of the nuances.

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